22 April, 2014

Lead Painters' League - Season 8 continues

Round 5 is underway over on the Lead Painters' League and I am increasingly gobsmacked at the high quality of painting on display, week-in week-out.

As before I'm not picking out my favourite pieces, but I'm hoping to highlight a few match-ups which are (or ought to be) very close - the round theme is 'The Ancient World'.

Some outstanding work there, so vote or just soak in the oodles of eye candy!

16 April, 2014

Hammer to Fall

August 1979. The Red Army is pouring across West Germany. The RAF is struggling to delay the advancing hordes and it's up to the much vaunted SAS to take advantage of the chaos behind enemy lines.

Take command of 'D' Troop as it seeks out high value targets to hamstring the Soviet war machine. Shoot first. Shoot straight. Be home in time for tea and medals in the ultimate test of 'Who Dares, Wins'.

Gaming compatriot Conrad Kinch is running a Cold War wargame based on the classic GW game 'Bommerz over da Sulphur River' which will be on the same table!

I'll be running this Force on Force mini campaign (of two or three scenarios) on the Saturday of Hobocon (on from the 30th May-1st June in the Teachers' Club in Dublin.

04 April, 2014


Intelligence discovered in Orlov's abandoned car has identified the location al-Zawahiri’s man in country is based. Rainbow launch an attack to catch the terrorist cells in situ before they can ship any weapons to their destination. But when Rainbow arrives, a rogue military unit, under Colonel Borokov is seen colluding with them.

Rainbow aims to capture the terrorist leader and kill, suppress or capture all terrorist forces in area. Getting hold of Borokov for intelligence purposes would be a further advantage...

The meeting site is well guarded - both Borokov and Al-Tabari have brought men to protect them
Rainbow is poised to strike behind a low ridgeline - they spring into action, virtually wiping out Borokov's squad behind the walls beyond

Al-Tabari's followers grab him and rush him out of the building, trying to avoid straying into the arcs of fire of the Rainbow fire support group 
Another group of Al-Tabari's men take cover in the upper floor of a house - and send well aimed fire down at the Rainbow team. The team leader takes a hit, blasted by an RPG round
Borokov's wasn't born yesterday! A team he'd sent out to patrol for any incursion has rushed back to the sound of battle and inflicts some casualties on the Rainbow team above
As night falls, the other Rainbow team rushes across the open ground to catch their targets before they can slip away. The advance doesn't go well for them, as three of their number are hit
Rainbow's body armour and expert medical training meant that those casualties weren't serious.
As Borokov's remaining men bundle into the APC, Rainbow assault it, taking Borokov prisoner.

It's all for nought though, as Al-Tabari has escaped...

That was it, despite wiping the floor with the opponents, Rainbow's failure to keep their main target 'Al-Tabari' in focus led to mission failure.

This was certainly a success, quite a few people have expressed regrets that they didn't get a chance to play, so I must look to run a sequel soon...