02 April, 2015

Final Confrontation

The Nazis have sent in their hit assassins to take care of SSR and Lehmann for once and for all…

Blazkowicz, Duggan and Carter approach the fort where the remains of Lehmann's operation are located
With the remainder of the tribe, Omar holds the fort - they've deployed a small field gun to cover the approaches.
The fearsome Red Nun leads her coterie, while Stahl and the noted sniper Ziefle back her up
Rightly concerned about the Red Queen's rapid approach, Omar sends a heavy volume of fire in her direction, killing all of her henchmen and sending her back into cover
Meanwhile, the SSR have made it to cover nearby, and exchange fire with the rooftop cadre led by Rashid
Coming up behind them, Stahl and Kramrisch gun down Blazkowicz and send the others diving for cover
Ziefle starts to fire into the fort, hoping to pin them down and give the Red Queen a chance to close
Hamid hauls the gun out of the fort (where it's arc of fire was severely limited) to take a shot at the SSR agents to the flank
Duggan is wounded by the fire, and runs for the hill (whereupon Ziefle takes him out). But Carter kills Kramrisch as she flees
The Red Queen rushes the fort, pistols at the ready
Ziefle take cover from the full attention of the remaining tribesmen inside the fort
Stahl backs up the Red Queen - they'll storm the fort in 3...2...1
Stahl is killed by Omar in a deadly fist-fight, and amazingly he takes out the Red Queen as well. Carter runs for the other side of the fort as Ziefle takes aim
Ziefle finally has to go in to take out Omar herself.
With only heroes left to fight over the fort eventually, this one was a real nail-biter!

26 March, 2015

Race to the Prize

Lone Star leads Duggan and an SSR team into the underground temple complex.

Lehmann is inside undertaking some horrible ritual (with a captured Marine) to call forth otherworldly power from the Black Sun, but he quickly forgets about that once the bullets start flying.

Lehmann's tribesmen make their way towards the entrances to intercept the invaders
There's not much room in the dusty corridors, but there is enough light, for now at least
Duggan, takes position at the end of a long passageway covering it with his improbably large machine gun
He quickly attracts a lot of attention, taking a serious wound from the fusilade!
The two marines back him up, returning fire to some effect
Reinforcements rush down the other stairwell and join forces with the others, making it difficult at best for the SSR to force the way to Lehmann
Azzan takes up a position against the fearsome Major Texas (aka Lone Star) and despite his shield and powerful physique, the hero succumbs to dozens of musket shots 
More reinforcements arrive and now the tribesmen seek to force the passageway
But the injured Duggan (now only able to carry a pistol) finds a secret way around the well-defended corners. A group of Lehmann's protectors race back around to the rear of the temple complex to prevent an attack on their beloved leader
But they have been tricked! Duggan rushes back the way he came, losing them in the secret tunnel. He races around the corner to confront the amazed Lehmann, and sends his giant fist through the rogue Nazi scientist's face! 

This was an amazing game - everyone was sure that the SSR had failed until the last-turn bait and switch occured! Set up beautifully for the finale...

13 March, 2015

Gone Hunting

Both the Nazis and SSR have tracked Lehmann to this locality, but his exact whereabouts are still unknown. Both groups have send scouting parties and it’s almost inevitable that they make contact with each other at some stage.

Some of Lehmann’s loyal tribesmen look on from their village and seek to roll up the remains.

SSR approach from behind the pilings on the left, while the Nazis advance through the rock columns on the right
Mounir races from the village to intercept the Nazis
Blazkowicz and his Marines come over the ridge and open fire on Ali's men behind the battlements - wiping out the entire group
McPherson and Arkley take point on the rooftop and Blazkowicz and Weaver stay below
The Nazis are cautious advancing, Bilal peers around the corner and spied Wasim on the rocky outcrop ahead. Wasim opens up and the German's backup is gunned down
Mounir returns to the village and takes aim at the Marines across the way, in the heavy exchange of fire both Marines are killed
Avoiding Wasim's shotgun, Bilal leads his remaining men in to overwhelm and capture the tribal leader
Blazkowicz and Weaver rush Mounir on the opposite rooftop and take him prisoner. Blazkowicz starts firing at the Nazis beyond as they try to escape with their captive.
Blazkowicz races across, avoiding incoming fire and then shooting Niemann and the prisoner. Having ensure that the Nazis won't be able to find Lehmann before them, he returns to the village
However, Mounir escaped his bonds in the meantime and leapt to the ground. He escapes into the desert avoiding Weavers attempts to catch him!
Will Blazkowicz and the SSR be able to track down Lehmann without a prisoner? Will the Nazis recover?

(With apologies for the low-quality of the photos; my camera ran out of power, so I was forced to use my phone instead...)

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