29 November, 2007

Wartrace becomes central in Union advance

Tennessee Campaign, 1863
News from the Front, August 15th - August 24th

August 15th

Withers advances to PelhamForrest escapes from the clutches of Baird's division just when the frustrated McCook thought he had him at last.

Meanwhile Bragg concentrates on General Polk, giving him the aid of several gifted staff officers, and to increase efficiency further temporarily transfers command of Cheatham's Division to Buckner.

August 16th

Forrest retires southwest-wards out of Baird's reach. At Buckner's urging, Cheatham fortifies his position at Hillsboro.

August 17th

Baird pursues Forrest Withers follows Cheatham's suit and fortifies Pelham. Cheatham advances to Tracy City

August 18th

Withers scouts out Palmer's Division in front of him, to discover it is a strong force.

August 19th

A huge Union supply effort takes place, with Davis and Sheridan creating supply depots and Johnson's Division being brought back into supply. Brannan's Division advances at the Confederates, at the behest of Thomas. Some progress must be made.

August 20th

Mitchell scouts out Cleburne at Tullahoma to discover he has had an influx of troops from Stewart. With Mitchell so close to the advance base of operations, supply is becoming a more difficult matter for the Confederates, with Forrest and Wharton out of supply.
Buckner is finding coordinating divisions at both ends of the theatre difficult, and has a bout of indecision.

August 21st

Cleburne scouts out Mitchell's Division nearby and discovers it to be cavalry only. The threat to Tullahoma was an empty one. Nonetheless (but maybe thinking of advancing) Stewart moves westwards into Tullahoma itself.

Rosecrans sees an opportunity, with McCook's staff working exceptionally, he passes temporary control of Negley and places railway stock at his service. Garrisoning Wartrace with an unattached Brigade he creates a forward base of operations at that railway town.

August 22nd

Davis' Division moves south along the railway towards Manchester. Palmer's Division advances into Pelham and builds up his strength for an assault on Wither's lines there.

August 24th

Sheridan advances into Wartrace, protecting the new base of operations. Martin's Division moves to Estill Spring, ready to plug the lines if necessary.
Palmer's attack on Withers is delayed but goes ahead against strong opposition.

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