01 March, 2008

First Sortie

June 12th 1917

Captain Napier, in an RE8 takes off to photograph a German strongpoint in the reserve lines. He is escorted by Lieutenant Drummond in a Bristol Fighter.

Bristol Fighter escorting an RE8

Out on early patrol is Ober Leutnant Gallwitz in his Albatross D-III.

Gallwitz quickly approches the Bristol Fighter, and they exchange fire at medium range. Drummond comes off slightly worse and he peels off the attack and dives.

RE8 goes down in flames

Gallwitz turns away from the British fighter, and towards the RE8 which is nearing it's target. His initial attack is successful despite the deflection, and the RE8 takes moderate damage. Unknown to Gallwitz bullets from his double-Spandau hit the observer, making the photography mission impossible to continue and rendering the RE8 defenseless.

Albatross D-III empties gun into RE8

Gallwitz follows the RE8 as it dives to gain speed and this time his attack clips the RE8's tail rudder. Now in a perfect position to attack, and with the RE8's turn insufficient to bring it out of danger, Gallwitz's last burst causes the British aircraft to break apart.

RE8 crashes

Drummond returns home unscathed, but with no witnesses to his cowardice!

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