19 January, 2011

The Zeppelin Menace!

The Zeppelin Menace!

Zeppelins manufactured by Kinchstein GmbH.

The German Zeppelin is a treacherous weapon of terror. These stealthy behemoths prowl the night sky to bomb London in (vain!) hope to bring England to the peace table.

With altitude and darkness on their side, the cowardly Hun has been able to escape with impunity. However salvation is at hand from our brave Royal Flying Corps.

Redoubtable Lieutenant William Leefe Robinson has shown the way by shooting down the Zeppelin on the night of 2nd September, 1916.

(We are assured by sources at the Palace that His Majesty the King will be awarding Lt. Robinson with the Victoria Cross in honour of the daring sortie).

With the new Brock and Pomeroy incendiary ammunition the Zeppelins are now vulnerable to a fiery (and all too-deserved) death.

No. 39 Squadron of the formidable Royal Flying Corps stands ready to defend these shores from more dastardly Zeppelin raids.

Leprecon will be held from the 4th to 6th of March in Trinity College Dublin.

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