29 October, 2013


Just coming to the end of my post-Gaelcon recovery day. Had a blast, running and playing several games, as well as catching up with all and sundry over a few drinks.

Friday Night:
Kicked off with a one-shot of Apocalypse World - continuing the double-barrelled game I had started at Hobocon in August. Great session with Jo, Alan, Red Phil and Rob.

Started my Perilous Trail campaign off with Mick, Ger and Colin, and then played some Little Wars on the floor, ran ably by my comrade-in-arms Conrad. Ran a quick pick-up game of Perilous Trail for John and then finished off with a play-test of Ronan's promising new boardgame Fifth Column.

Continued adventures on the Perilous Trail with Mick, Conrad, Kaari and Fiachra, defended a fort to the last round in another game of Little Wars in the afternoon and played an interesting hack of Contenders by Gregor based on GTA called 'Drive it like you stole it' with Alan and Red Phil.

I also picked up a great-looking and useful piece from DramaScape - their Warehouse map, not in the usual 8"x10" card format, but in full-blown poster mode. Expect to see some Rainbow Six action take place in that space soon...

Finished off with the climactic scenario of Perilous Trail with Gregor, Shevy, Brian and Graham, and then ran another quick pick-up game for Jo and Red Phil. Unfortunately I was stuck for time so I had to run before the closing ceremony and had no time for a wind-down pint or two.

Game reports will follow.


  1. Really had a great little game with you even though i got creamed, very many thanks
    Cheers Old John

  2. It's been a while since I've been to Gaelcon, reminds me sadly of Sean Sweeney.

    1. Indeed Fran - though I've been very happy to see the Wild Geese return to the convention scene in the last few years. It's nice to catch up with the lads again.


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