07 January, 2015

Top (Film) Duels: #10, #9, #8, #7

As a sequel to my Top Chases and Top Firefights, I've been mulling over a list of duels, to include one vs. one or one vs. many fights (brawls and melees may be another list).

#10 Aliens (Ripley vs. Queen, aka 'Get away from her you bitch!')

At this stage in the film, we have no doubt in Ripley's kick-ass qualities and the dangerousness of the alien queen. Nevertheless, this duel to the death is a wonderful surprise for the audience.

#9 The Empire Strikes Back (Luke vs Darth Vader)

This duel is full of drama, and for the first time we harbour a solitary doubt about Vader's well-cultivated invincibility. It is not marred by any of the cut-away edits 'designed' to increase tension (say in Duel of the Fates).

#8 Scaramouche (Scaramouche vs. The Marquis)

The best fight in the best of this era's swashbucklers. This far-ranging duel defies all the dangers of the theatre (even beyond Sabatini's original vision)

#7 Kill Bill Vol. 1 (The Bride vs. Gogo & The Crazy 88s)

There are plenty of fights in the double-barrelled rampage of revenge. I almost prefer her last showdown with Copperhead in the kitchen, but for me the impossible melee against the Crazy 88s (and Gogo) takes the biscuit.

#6 through #4 next week...


  1. Off to a strong start there, can't wait to see the rest of the list! I'm a kung-fu movie fan, there's a wealth of choice there :-)

  2. Great choices! I hadn't seen Scaramouche, thanks!


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