06 February, 2015

The Tomb

Blazkowicz meets up with a hand-picked team of US Marines who will help the SSR secure the tomb where the Nazis are digging for the Black Sun.

They approach the tomb to meet with Agent Carter, who has been undercover with the Nazi expedition for some time now. Inside they find the dreadful Herr Kulbe already packing up Barbarossa’s occult mosaic…

Below the surface of the desert, accessible only by two ruined temples is the tomb where the Black Sun was located
Agent Carter leads the Marines down
Kerschner, with a few guards and native porters and guides is making his way up with the most valuable artefacts
Vogl, with her wolf and her compatriots is guarding the main cult shrine
Blazkowicz has sneaked into the complex, overcoming the first Nazi guard, when he encounters some strange creature. He's no zoo buff, but he knows this gribbly thing ain't natural 
The Marines set up a neat pincer manoeuvre, aiming to take control of both main corridors into the tomb
One of the other Nazi guards turns out to be an SSR infiltrator, but he's not able to take out Vogl and she guns him down
Carter has a close brush with death as Vogl charges down the corridor, though she escapes with a hefty dose of luck
Carter's dead-eye aim with her pistol wounds Kerschner and sends him scurrying into a corner
Vogl catches this unwary marine...
But Blazkowicz and another one come to his aid, gunning down two of Vogl's henchwomen
Carter takes the fight to Kerschner, but is unable to stop him as he leads his trusty native porter past her and to the exit
They're but yards away from a car with will take them away from danger and back to the main camp where reinforcements will surely drive the SSR back
Carter exchanges fire with him, but her keen eye fails her this once
Blazkowicz makes no mistake as he rushes up the steps to empty his magazine into Kerschner's body and take control of the artefact!

Actually, I played this scenario out three times on the Sunday, and each time was about as close as this one, with only inches between defeat and victory


  1. Looks like you had a nice game, or three of them. Envious :-)

  2. Great stuff all round. Is the terrain from the Hirst Arts Egyptian mold line? They're on my to-get list.

    1. It is Hirst Arts - looks great, just have to work it into a lot more games now!

  3. Great seeing Bob Murch's figures in action like this. Tense game.

    1. Definitely, I'm a big fan of Bob Murch's stuff as well > you may be seeing more of his stuff soon...


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