13 March, 2015

Gone Hunting

Both the Nazis and SSR have tracked Lehmann to this locality, but his exact whereabouts are still unknown. Both groups have send scouting parties and it’s almost inevitable that they make contact with each other at some stage.

Some of Lehmann’s loyal tribesmen look on from their village and seek to roll up the remains.

SSR approach from behind the pilings on the left, while the Nazis advance through the rock columns on the right
Mounir races from the village to intercept the Nazis
Blazkowicz and his Marines come over the ridge and open fire on Ali's men behind the battlements - wiping out the entire group
McPherson and Arkley take point on the rooftop and Blazkowicz and Weaver stay below
The Nazis are cautious advancing, Bilal peers around the corner and spied Wasim on the rocky outcrop ahead. Wasim opens up and the German's backup is gunned down
Mounir returns to the village and takes aim at the Marines across the way, in the heavy exchange of fire both Marines are killed
Avoiding Wasim's shotgun, Bilal leads his remaining men in to overwhelm and capture the tribal leader
Blazkowicz and Weaver rush Mounir on the opposite rooftop and take him prisoner. Blazkowicz starts firing at the Nazis beyond as they try to escape with their captive.
Blazkowicz races across, avoiding incoming fire and then shooting Niemann and the prisoner. Having ensure that the Nazis won't be able to find Lehmann before them, he returns to the village
However, Mounir escaped his bonds in the meantime and leapt to the ground. He escapes into the desert avoiding Weavers attempts to catch him!
Will Blazkowicz and the SSR be able to track down Lehmann without a prisoner? Will the Nazis recover?

(With apologies for the low-quality of the photos; my camera ran out of power, so I was forced to use my phone instead...)

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