23 November, 2009

Copse of Wood completed

Finished this project last night.

Foliage clumps have been added to the top board section

Foliage Added

A close up of the woods with 20mm commandos outside (though it'll also do for 28mm)

Close Up

An aerial view of the woods - I used two colours of foliage just to give the woods some natural variation.

Aerial View

The rest of the team lurk inside the woods


Some lessons learned/ideas for next time:

1. Use hot glue, not bostik
2. Paint the top of the foliage board section green, not brown
3. Shape the foliage clusters a bit more naturally
4. Try to hide as much of the edge of the top board section as possible
5. Paint the toilet roll inserts before glueing the twigs on
6. Try this for 6mm as well, it should work even better


  1. Good job on these trees. I agree with your lessons learned. Thank you for sharing. I will probably give this a go this weekend myself although I will try to use another medium instead of clump foliage to make the project even cheaper.

  2. I wonder what it would have looked like with the clump foliage glued to the twigs individually without the toilet roll.


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