01 April, 2010

Extraction Mission

An intelligence officer has been reported as being in danger and a nearby British section on patrol has been sent to escort back to safety.

A second Warrior-borne section has been tasked to go in and extract the officer.

The escorting section notices local Taliban nearby, and they are in danger of being cut off

1st Section with Intelligence asset in danger of being cut off

They move inside a nearby compound with a view to picking their way through the rough ground overlooking the village where they expect the extraction team to appear. A canny sergeant back on base sent out a GPMG team with them - something in his gut warned him [a Fog of War card at the beginning of play brought these guys in]

1st Section move inside compound

Moving by foot alongside the Warrior IFV is a lone special forces fire team. [again gained by an Asset card at the beginning of the game] They'll hold the left flank

SAS Fire Team take up position

The escorting section move as quickly as possible out of the compound and towards the racket of the armoured vehicle. They hug the wall on one side and the rocky hill on the other, maintaining their fields of fire. They catch a Taliban group high-tailing it out of cover and away from the Warrior inflicting some serious casualties.
Just behind them the GPMG which has taken up a position on a building to provide covering fire is completely taken out as soon as it opens fire

1st Section moves asset slowly towards escort

The extraction section debuss from the Warrior and take up position on a piece of grass-covered rock commanding the area. Unfortunately they're not in a position to intercept the Taliban's engagement with the escorting fire-team and as they round the corner the two squaddies at the rear are wounded. They continue their move into cover behind the extraction section dragging their wounded (one seriously) with them

2nd Section take up commanding position

Elsewhere the Taliban squaring off against the special forces team finally pluck up the courage to move out of the high grass and engage. Somehow they catch them unawares and down two of the operators!
One of the operators is seriously wounded, but due to their specialised training the other wounded man is back on his feet in moments. They return fire to some effect but withdraw back to nearby cover since the mission seems to be progressing as expected

Taliban catch SAS looking other way

The escorting section can't quite make it to the Warrior immediately, but the intelligence officer leads the way while the the fire team bounds forward giving medical attention to their mate

Intelligence asset runs for Warrior

The Taliban group, with morale high after seeing off the mighty SAS advances to attempt to cut off the British retreat. Everywhere the Taliban is resurgent, coming out of the woodwork to engage the screening fire teams, inflicting some casualties on the extracting section

Taliban advance to try to cut off withdrawal

The second fire team of the escorting section has take up position on a rooftop, and the canny sergeant has been at work obviously as they now have a Javelin team ready to smack allcomers

Javelin Team shows up to add firepower

This combined team forms the base of fire for the rest of the withdrawal, all wounded are recovered and the Warrior reverses off with the intelligence officer aboard.
The special forces team see their luck continue, just as they take up position at a well-defensible position an IED goes off, seriously wounded a second operator

Covers final withdrawal

Pretty close in the end, but a hair-raising scenario


  1. Nice battle report. Isn't a Javelin overpowered against talibans without ERA ? ^^

  2. Thanks Ulu
    Yes, the Javelin is overkill - and the Taliban didn't even have a Toyota pick up truck. Hitting a man or two is definitely not a great return on investment!

  3. Very nice skirmish Donogh.


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