28 May, 2010

Operation Grim Dragon - Scenario

A couple of months ago, Ambush Alley Games ran a scenario competition 'To the Last Round'. This scenario is based on Echo5Hotel: aka Jim Hunsinger's winning entry. I've made changes to it to fit in with my collection and an Afghanistan background, with a few extra tweaks based on Jim's answers to my questions.

The SAS force, callsign: 'Dragon' has successfully infiltrated Pakistan from to surveil a suspected weapons cache which is being used to supply the Taliban and bring back evidence of who the supplier is – a faction within the Pakistan government is suspected. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a large force of Taliban and were cut off from retreat. Dragon made for the crumbling remains of an old farmstead, which would provide refuge for the beleagured team.

During their last communication Dragon requested an emergency extraction. An American CH-57 Chinook, callsign: 'Grim' has been scrambled but will take some time to arrive at the nearest extraction zone that is approximately two kilometers due west of Dragon’s current position. Dragon will maintain their defensive position until Grim contacts them whereupon they plan to break cover and make a dash for the LZ.

A pre-dominantly green set up, with dense groves and poppy fields surrounding an isolated farm compound. A ruined wall, a well and a small barn complete the farm with a small track leading from north to west through the clearing.

Deploy the British anywhere inside the farmhouse or barn.
Deploy the Taliban anywhere marked A-G

Hold your current defensive position until Grim contacts you via radio that they are approaching the extraction zone. At that time you will break cover and head for the extraction zone as fast as possible. Do not leave anyone behind, alive or dead.

British forces have normal supply and have high confidence (TQ D10/ Morale D10)

Command Team
1x Squad Leader w/ M4 Assault Rifle
1x M.I.6 Officer w/ M4 Assault Rifle
1x R.T.O. w/ M4 Assault Rifle
1x Medic w/ M4 Assault Rifle

Rifle Team A
1x Team Leader w/ M4 Assault Rifle
1x Grenadier w/ M203 UGL
1x Gunner w/ M249 SAW
1x Assistant Gunner w/ M4 Assault Rifle

Rifle Team B
1x Team Leader w/ M4 Assault Rifle
1x Grenadier w/ M203 UGL
1x Gunner w/ M249 SAW
1x Assistant Gunner w/ M4 Assault Rifle

Machinegun Team
1x Team Leader w/ M4 Assault Rifle
1x Gunner w/ M240 GPMG
1x Assistant Gunner w/ M4 Assault Rifle

We cannot afford to have the British escaping back across the border and publicizing the covert support that Pakistan has been supplying the Taliban. Capture or kill all of the British military personnel.
Capture is preferable so that their illegal “invasion” of Pakistan, their act of war, can be proven to the world in a public trial.

All Taliban forces are Tier-1. They have normal supply and have high confidence (TQ D8 Morale D10)
30 rebels* consisting of:

*= To be arranged in teams of 5 or less. The rebels are well organized and do not have to worry about who the leader is as subordinates will take over as needed.

Roll Reinforcement Unit
1 1d6xAKs
2 1d6xAKs, 1xRPK
3 1d6xAKs, 1xRPG
4 1d6xAKs, 1xRPK, 1xRPG
5 1d6xAKs
6 1d6xAKs, 1xRPK
7 1d6xAKs, 1xRPG
8 1d6xAKs, 1 Technical, 1 Bike

The Insurgency level is 4 for this scenario and 5 hotspots are indicated on the map.

Fog Of War cards are not used in this scenario.

Grim will make contact with Dragon to head for the extraction zone turn 4.
A succesful test is required to make contact:
Squad Leader D10
Team Leader D8

Then roll a D6 to discover where the the extraction zone is:
1 Taliban player chooses
2 Western edge
3 Northern edge
4 Eastern edge
5 Southern edge
6 British player chooses

The Taliban player is not shown the die result, and is not aware of the direction of the extraction zone unless the result is a '1'
The ruins of the old farmhouse and barn provide excellent cover. Any unit within the walls of these structures receive a total of +3 Defense Dice.


Each soldier escaping towards the LZ +3
Each dead soldier evacuated +2
Each Taliban KIA +1

Each British soldier captured alive +3
Each British dead body recovered +1
Each British soldier killed +2

I'll be playing this in a couple of weekends...


  1. Hi, I've been thinking of getting into AA and have been enjoying your AA stuff quite a lot, really helps show this game is as fun as it looks!

    I'm curious what scale and manufacturer are your minis? Especially the insurgents? I saw a couple tipped over to reveal they're based on coins which makes me think they're 15mm scale?

  2. Thanks
    Most of these are 20mm from Britannia, including the insurgents. The SAS and the US are from Liberation. The two ranges work well together


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