12 October, 2011

Dinosaurs Roam the Earth!

Some extra beasties have arrived for my Perilous Trail! game at Gaelcon in a couple of weeks.
You'll notice a distinct lack of herbivores...

Why not? Well two things:
1. In 28mm dinosaurs are more expensive and more difficult to transport to a convention than the 10mm versions I've been using previously. For that reason alone there's going to be less dinosaurs
2. I did notice that herbivores got less interest from players - some of that may have been due to the survive/protect nest style objectives they had, but it's no crime that people prefer more active/aggressive roles (especially in a one-off game)

The two larger creatures are from Papo - these are approx 1/40 and are a bit big, but will work fine I think.





The smaller guys are from Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company (discontinued now I think)


Raptors rush in towards farmhouse

More Raptors

Raptors move through the high grass

I think these are dwarf Allosaurs but I'm calling them Achillobators (just because of the cool name you understand)

Two Achillobators stalking

I'll see if I can get some shots of them alongside 28mm miniatures as well, just so you get a good sense of scale.

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  1. Well there's probably a reason Marc Bolan didn't call his band Diplodocus.


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