01 June, 2012


An intelligence asset is stuck in a bad neighbourhood and needs to be rescued. He’s being hunted by a local cadre of a Republican Guard unit and a Special Forces team has been sent in to rescue him.

Amongst the quiet open market, three groups of locals congregate - with a few Republican Guard cadres closing in on the informer, the USMC recon team appear

Quiet open market

The Force Recon Marines throw a bit of a wobbly, just as they've started to engage the Iraqi soldiers, a T-55 rolls into the market square. The Marines don't have any anti-tank capability!

T-55 rolls on

The local mobs hurl abuse at the Iraqi soldiers, who have no luck in trying to identify the traitor amongst them. They are taking serious fire from the Marines, despite the attentions of the tank which is now dominating the battlefield (positionally at least)

Uncooperative Mobs

The T-55's engine conks out, but with the tank commander staying buttoned up (he knows there are snipers out there) the Marine rifle team rush across the open ground and take cover behind the large shop.

Special Forces team hunkering down

Like some kind of action heroes, they dodge 100mm gun fire and hunker down on the rooftop, shooting up the Iraqi squad trying to quell the angry mob and grabbing the informer

Taking Informer out from under their nose

The three marines' luck runs out as they recross the ground with the informer and it's up to the sniper team to intervene

Gunned down in open ground

They scamper out, and get the informer out!

Last minute rescue

No one can quite believe it - with 3 KIAs and 1 seriously wounded man, and under the gaze of a main battle tank, the Marines snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat!

Off to Hobocon to run my Fear, Honour & Interest campaign tomorrow. Will post the fifth and last scenario from the Road to Basrah campaign on Sunday/Monday when I return...


  1. I really enjoy your series of reports. Thanks.

  2. cool however this is the least believable game yet... the others are very realistic IMHO.

    that top picture of the jet in the woods??? can you explain it for me. please

    1. Re. Believable/Realistic: you're right of course.
      1. There was no tank in the scenario - it just turned up due to fog of war!
      Should the Marine Recon team have had AT-4s or something equivalent, just in case?
      2. As soon as the tank showed up, everyone was agreed that the marines would've bugged out.
      In the interest of actually playing the game though...
      3. Should the marines have survived the encounter? Well the badly trained crew, buttoned-up in an obsolete tank found it difficult to engage them as they kept scurrying out of line-of-sight or behind cover.
      In the end though only two of the six marines made it away uninjured.

      Your mileage may vary though.

      Re. the jet picture, Dan below has the skinny


  3. Great looking game and report! Got me feeling it's time to bust out my own moderns and shoot some stuff up!

  4. Yes great looking game, and i like the pic of the Aussie SASR clearing the area near the plane, I think I remember that from Iraqi freedom.

    1. Thanks Dan
      Though the picture has nothing at all to do with the scenario (apart from the fact that it's of special forces in Iraq in 2003), it was just too cool not to use!


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