27 May, 2012


A series of short sharp incursions into administrative centres in the town is being made by armour units backed up by infantry. This drive-by is met with stiff resistance, including a few Iraqi tanks.

The small punitive column rolls in - its targets are the two Ba'ath party buildings on the opposite side of the square.

Punitive Column Rolls in

An Iraqi Sagger team fires at the lead Humvee but misses and the return fire from the top-mounted .50 cal kills the rooftop crew.
Iraqi infantry stay hidden in the buildings to the Humvee's left and await their chance

Sagger team set up at long range

An Iraqi T-72 surges out of the shadows and advances to flank the US vehicles. It targets the Humvee (which accelerates around to the other side of the Abhrams, but the American tank seems well aware of the threat and quickly turn the turret, suppressing the Iraqi crew with a well-placed (if non-penetrating) shot

Iraqi Armour flanks them

The DShK in the square's small park opens fire on the Humvee, causing it brew up - the crew quickly get out. The Abrahms takes the time to suppress the machine gunners, while advancing into the square and calmly destroying both Ba'ath Party HQ buildings

DShK opens up

The hide behind the Abrams, but start to take fire from other Iraqi infantry nearby. Another Iraqi T-72 comes out from a side street behind the trees and a three-way tank duel erupts.

Bailed out Humvee team taking cover

The Abrahms destroys one T-72 gun, but is unlucky to be knocked out by the other (which is the last shot coming from that T-72 - variant supplied by the lowest bidder)

Abrahms brews up

However, if both T-72s thought they could turn back the American attack with their machine-guns and intimdating presence they were wrong.
A second Abrahms rumbles into the square. This party's over!


  1. Abhrams for the win!

    Great report.

    Where did you get the great Abhrams from?



    1. Thanks Allan - Mr. E has the details on teh Abrams below. To confirm - mine (the second one) is an Altaya.

  2. The first Abrams on the table is a Revell 1/72 plastic kit. It's a lovely kit, though it does have some horribly fiddly little bits of track to assemble (my screw-ups aren't noticable in those photos). The only modification I made when assembling was adding the wire aerials to the back of the turret. Still a lot of work to go on the paintjob though - that base coat was done the day before the game.

    The second one that shows up is, if I remember rightly, an Altaya die-cast model, Donogh'll know for sure though.


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