11 May, 2012

Fear, Honour & Interest

US Special Operations Forces have been deployed to Iran to gather intelligence on the Iranian nuclear programme. They have identified several noteworthy leads, and the National Security Council has given the go ahead to shut down these worrying prospects using tribal lands in Baluchistan as a base of operations.

The campaign will comprise three or four scenarios following US Special Forces targeting Iranian security around the nuclear programme, and the resultant Iranian efforts to shut down their base of operations.

Of course this is a hypothetical campaign (or at least I must assume so with my current security clearance!)

I'll be running this mini campaign on the Saturday of Hobocon. Hobocon is on from the 2nd-3rd June in the Teachers' Club in Dublin. Visit their site.


  1. You are tempting me to try make a con after a transatlantic flight that week....

  2. Nice. Be interested to see this one unfold. I'd be shocked, shocked to find this sort of thing going on in that establishment. Of course, it'd probably be easier to buy off insiders & get the info that way...
    Hope to see you when we're over @ the end of the month!


  3. Donogh, could someone play a single game of this, or is it an all day event?

    1. Hi Greg,
      I'll be running it all day, but you can definitely just drop in and play a single game.
      Hopefully I'll see you there


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