11 November, 2012


Behind Harvey's escapades are the Outfit basing themselves out of Malobo Port (and with deep connections to the Mafia back in the United States). Lt. Commander Newbolt’s mission is to capture or destroy the Outfit’s gunboat moored in the port.  A large demolition charge is available in the launch to be placed aboard the gunboat if it’s capture is not tenable.

Blain’s crew are drinking in the Hook Tavern. Dutch and his men are at a serious poker game in Marcel’s, though Hawkins is aboard the gunboat standing guard. 

Malobo Port is quiet in the small hours of the morning
The docks are cluttered with supplies for the steam-powered vessel, though Hawkins is nowhere to be seen at the moment
The launch, with Newbolt at the prow chugs up river
The short party reaches its destination, a short pier near the vessel - they can see Hawkins walk the docks, though he hasn't heard the launch yet
The launch has glided a little further than planned and collides (gently) with the steamboat - they sailors leap aboard with Bo'sun Williams lugging the explosive charge across
Hawkins spots the sailors, and with a challenge on his lips and his shotgun aimed in their direction, Warner with his Lewis Gun takes no chances and guns him down. The rest of the Outfit certainly heard that, they spring into action
Dillon's gang race up the steps - they're too far away to make much out at night and hold their fire while taking cover 
The first patrol arrives on the scene - though they're across the river they head towards some spoil alongside the merchant dhow to see if they can fire on the raiders
The Marines have been quietly flat-footed by the sailors quick advance and they're still on the pier. Dillon's gang take advantage and rush up to spitting distance. Their fire is effective and they shoot down Newbolt and Warner
The Marines have crept around the firefight and have opened fire on Dutch's gang further back. Kennedy opens up with his trench-clearing tommy gun and he takes out Dillon and Blain (who's own sub-machine gun kills Petty Officer Grant)
Kennedy is knocked for six (though it turns out he's just concussed) and then the Marines unleash hell. Their fusilade seriously wounds Harrigan, and kills everyone backing up Dutchie's advance
Having finally set the charge, Williams jumps back aboard the launch. Kennedy has shaken himself back to his feet and follows him
A second patrol comes on, this time close to where the river widens to the sea - they might be able to cut off the launch's retreat
The first patrol takes up position and opens fire, but have no luck
Brave/Crazy Harrigan, limping from his wound jumps on board the steamboat and tries to disarm the explosives.  His technical expertise isn't up to it and rather than struggle with the device, he just legs it!
The second patrol lies in wait for the escaping shore party on the other side of the river
After having wiped out all resistance, the Marines jump back aboard the launch 
With engines at full reverse (with all need for stealth gone) the launch heads for the open sea - their exchange of fire with the local patrol is brutish and short - those Marines may not be quick starter, but the know their business
Finally, the charge goes off, sending the gunboat to the bottom
Gunnery Sergeant Bowie looks on with quiet satisfaction - he lights up his pipe. Newbolt may not have survived the mission, but he'd be happy with the outcome
 This scenario was based on ‘Night raid on Gravelines’ by Henry Hyde from issue #13 of Battlegames. A fantastic weekend of gaming all-round. The newly tweaked version of the rules went down well, quicker and more decisive I thought. Hope you enjoyed the proceedings. I'll be posting some pictures of Talavera soon.
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  1. certainly and interesting set of games. I really enjoyed them.

  2. Nice AAR, and I love the set-up.

  3. Stunning looking table as always. Looks like great fun and I hope to get a crack at the rules next time you run it.

  4. Great looking and FUN game!! Well done Donogh - I like the river in particular. Is that shower screen plastic or something similar?


  5. Thanks all
    @Furt: The water is Heki Seefolie (code 3110) I got at a local hobby shop. 80x35cm for 10euros


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