07 November, 2012


After the treasure was removed from the Moroccan coast, a storm blew the ship into the Gulf of Guinea. One particularly valuable bale of treasure was thrown overboard with ballast and was seen in the surf on the island of Annobón before the howling winds swept the ship towards the Congo.

Pirates got the story out of a drunken sailor in Malobo and meanwhile the archaeologists had charted a pilot to fly over the island. Both armed with various pointers to the location of the treasure they set off. Inevitably they will clash with each other and the primitive natives who call the island home.

The local Chief knows that these foreigners will come and take whatever they want and then destroy the settlement unless the warrior stand against them. He must destroy the intruders now! 
Archaeologists pulling ashore in Marshall Bay
Pirates anchor their ship off Ravello Point
Jumping to the beach as everything seems quiet - the leading group turn off to head off to the right to find the next clue
With an unnatural burst of speed a native Chieftain lunges at the second group as they prepare to jump down - Hamilton  takes a snapshot and missed, but Mitchell makes sure with his shotgun, blasting the chieftain to the beach
A lone pirate reaches the high pass and with it their next clue
Their first clue has led the adventurers to the pool, but still no sign of the enemy
The pirates form up on the shoreline, they don't spot the couple of natives in the undergrowth ahead of them, but have heard shots
Still, the fearsome attack catches them by surprise, killing one and knocking one down, though the pirates did account for one of the warriors
In the ancient ruins, the party find some refuge from the musket fire coming from the hilltop nearby
How the Hell! Just as the pirates look to deal with the lone warrior in front of them, another preciously unseen native emerges behind them and clubs Madje on the head
The other group of pirates is having better luck, moving through the jungle they spot the adventurers beyond and wait for their chance
Showing preternatural agility, the sneaky native clambers to the cliff top to engage in some archery
The natives show no mercy to the wounded pirates - and Bariki, concussed and armed only with a pistol now runs off
Either seized by uncommon valour or still feeling woozy, Bariki makes a last chance advance - but the trust native guide guns him down as he gets inside pistol range
The two parties of adventurers meet up again by the ruins
Hamilton is beset by a lone pirate, he runs for it and as the pirate follows the rest of the adventurers see him off
Their final clue sees them arrive at the rotting pier - no pirates remain on the island to spoil their exploration, and the few natives left have exercised caution
They find the treasure! 
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A quick note; these scenarios are based on the Tabletop Teasers from Battlegames. This game was based on 'Trouble on Treasure Island’ by CS Grant (found in issue #5). The previous entry 'The Game is Afoot' was inspired on ‘Getting away with it!’ by CS Grant (from issue #6).


  1. Great pics and AAR. I'm loving your gaming table very jealous.

  2. Beautiful looking game, and a nice narrative report! Keep sharing your fun!

  3. great ARR a story for the ages I think

  4. An excellent AAR, sir! Lovely set-up too.


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