06 December, 2013

Top (Film) Chases: #10, #9, #8, #7

So a return to one of the most popular topics of last year's blogging; I'll be looking at my top ten chases from film.

#10 Bolt (Opening)

This likeable Disney animated film about an 'enhanced' dog isn't quite up to Pixar standards, but the opening chase sequence is so well crafted I've got to put it on the list. Some great slow-mo sequences where Bolt is outwitting those hapless minions of the Green Eyed Man.

#9 Point Break (No Parachute)

Point Break (1991) - 3 - by Sebmagic

I'll take an extra helping of cheese with this one. I know MythBusters debunked this, but still...

#8 Fallen (by Touch)

An unusual entry on this list, but a chase I knew I had to include. This relatively unknown supernatural horror tale includes a demon who can move from person to person by touch, and this is exactly the skill used to chilling effect in this chase

#7 Bourne Identity (Red Mini)

Probably the first listing that's expected by all - this is the first real inkling that the Bourne Identity was not your normal action fare - the poor mini is hurtled around the streets, footpaths and stairs of Paris.


  1. Haven't seen Bolt but agree with the others especially Bourne, the Mythbusters have destroyed a lot of movies!

  2. I always liked the Mini-chase scene from the Bourne movie. Excellent choices

  3. Those helos in 'Bolt' look excellent! Look forwards to the rest of your list! I'm thinking 'Matrix Reloaded' will be in there.


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