12 December, 2013

Top (Film) Chases: #6, #5, #4

Mid-table of this top ten list

#6 Casino Royale (Parkour)

This opening sequence in the initial outing of Daniel Craig as Bond was the first real impact of Parkour in popular culture (or at least, the most famous instance of it).

#5 Way of the Gun (Slow)

A fantastic spin on the chase genre; some cat-and-mouse action from one of my favourite films.

#4 Bullitt (Opening)

The classic car chase - a whole ten minutes of it (just don't count the hubcaps spinning off!)

You can't wait for the top three, right?

1 comment:

  1. Bullitt was #4?!?!?!? I would have put it in the top 3 if for no other reason than it set the standard for all future car chases in the movie industry with the doing actual high speed racing on crowd streets before digital / CGI allowed to do it more safely. Plus it has one of the greatest professional stunt drivers, Bill Hickman (the driver of the black Dodge Charger), and gives him some serious camera time.

    I really do look forward towards your top 3 now.



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