29 April, 2014

Another Salute!

Over the last couple of weeks, various bloggers have been recounting their Salute experiences. I am forced to live vicariously through them. (An expedition to London for the weekend is probably off the agenda for another few years...) I've enjoyed all the eye candy, hopefully you do too!

Shed Wars has only a single photo of this American Civil War game, but between the musket smoke and snake fences it's worth highlighting

A Wargaming Gallimaufry takes a nice photo of this enormous space ship from Dropzone Commander

Steve's Paintingshed highlights this amazing east African battlefield as well as other stuff

Four Colour Super Minis is envious of this early Vietnam game, I'd love this board as well! More photos

Trouble at T'Mill may have hung around the Too Fat Lardies game a bit!

Balkan Gamer gives us a great view of this magnificent Carlist War game

Tarleton's Quarter gets in close on the eastern front

Don't Throw a 1 does us proud with a few nice pics of this 1798 Rebellion game

Big Red Bat Cave shows off this beautiful piece from the Roman Invasion table

I am as enamoured with this artillery train as Steve's Random Musings is

Ancients on the Move showcases the great mix of ancient games on display this year

This Crusading game gets pride of place on History in 1/72, but wait, there's more on Arklow

Lone Warrior is attracted to this In Her Majesty's Name urban board

The Wargame Shed likes this huge D-Day table, and with good reason!

The Angry Lurker likes elephants - who doesn't!

Wargaming Girl has a few photos of a Lord of the Rings game - Orks, Oliphants and Fell Beasts, oh my!

Alley's of Distraction gives us a better view of that TFL game, which surprisingly included zombies

Level 2 writes up his participation in this Glorantha adventure game

Meeples and Miniatures does a good tour of some display tables, including this gorgeous one from 4Ground along with Too Fat Lardies and Gripping Beast

JimBibblyBlog is proud of his samurai table, and with good reason he won the Best Trade Game there

I've omitted all the swag posts - those are far too dangerous to my credit rating!


  1. Hi, excellent round up of the many Salute posts. I'm at the bottom of the world, so this is as close as I'm getting! Love Calvin and Hobbes too :-) Cheers, Paul.

    1. Thanks Paul - welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Some say Ray looks like the back end of an elephant!


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