06 May, 2014

Bad Day for the Alliance

It would seem that many of you played something on the 4th May to celebrate Star Wars. I did similar, though not actually by design! One of our local boardgames group dropped over with his X-Wing...

We played two quick pick-up games, just setting up ~equal numbers of points and having at it! Not my usual approach to wargames, but it was fun.

First game was two X-Wings (including Luke Skywalker) taking on my four TIE Fighters.
Despite the rebels' sweeping move to target the two TIE Fighters on their left, virtually crippling one of them, all four of the TIEs were able to concentrate on Skywalker's wingman, shearing away his shields before destroying Bigg's X-Wing. 

A real furball erupted as the remaining three TIEs struggled to out-turn the lone X-Wing and keep him in their sights. Unfortunately for them they all ended up being too close to each other to be effective and Skywalker made it through the gauntlet.
Hedging their bets the TIEs broke off in different directions to cover the X-Wing's next pass, but some skilled manoeuvring by one of the TIE pilots put paid to the idea that this Skywalker was anything more than a gifted pilot!
We changed the setup this time, swapping out two of the TIEs for Boba Fett and Skywalker's X-Wing for Solo's Millennium Falcon.

Leaving the Falcon out on its flank, all three Empire ships target Wedge who is obliterated in short order! Solo manages to use the Falcon's arc to great effect, whilst staying out of danger from most of the time.
After pinging Slave-1's shields a few times and destroying a TIE Fighter with some unerring marksmanship, Solo finally runs out of space and starts to take damage, though wiping out the other TIE Fighter
With the Falcon's cockpit taking critical damage, Fett finally has the upper hand, and destroys the Falcon (before hobbling off with a single hull point left!)
A nice game, will be getting in a few more games of it I think, but maybe not one that tempts me enough to start collecting it...

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