16 August, 2009

Three Armies at Nagashino

Here are the three armies which clash at Nagashino in 1575.

The Oda

The Oda army is dominated by Ashigaru spearmen and arquebusiers.

In the centre of the Oda clan sits Oda Nobunaga.
Oda Clan

The Toyotomi Clan with arquebusiers from the Sakuma.
Toyotomi Clan

The Takigawa Clan with arquebusiers from the Maeda to the fore.
Takigawa Clan

The Tokugawa

The Tokugawa army is modelled on the Oda, with a large number of arquebusiers.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, resplendent in his trademark red armour, sits in amongst the Tokugawa Clan.
Tokugawa Clan

The Honda Clan, with a small unit of Arquebusiers from the Okubu.
Honda Clan

The Takeda

The Takeda army is dominated by Samurai cavalry, supported by a large number of Samurai on foot.

The Takeda Clan, with it's massive group of mounted Samurai.
Takeda Clan

Takeda Katsuyori sits near the Yamagata Clan's mounted Samurai. Skirmishers armed with bows lead the contingent.
Yamagata Clan

The Naitoh Clan is almost entirely Samurai.
Naitoh Clan

The Baba Clan is similarly constructed.
Baba Clan

The report of the battle should be along sometime this weekend...

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