14 July, 2011

Contest #2 - Scenario

So you wait for three years for a contest and then two come along at once!

I'm taking a leaf out of GWPertinent's book and copying the format of the competition he ran back in March.

Basically I want you to pimp some of your favourite Land War in Asia blog posts. I have an idea of what people like (from comments mostly) but I do want to hear what specific posts people have enjoyed most and why. Of course on another level this is linkbait! But I hope you'll participate

For the prize this time, instead of a miniature, I'm going to write a wargames scenario for you - customised to your specifications. Historical, hypothetical, fantasy/sci-fi I don't mind. Any system, any scale.
Obviously you'll have a good idea of my interests and the systems I typically play, but whether you specify Austerlitz using C&C Napoleonics, or a sci-fi skirmish inspired by a scene in a book/film I'll take on the challenge. Though if I need to do a bit of research on the system it may take a bit longer to deliver. Anyway, we can discuss in detail once the winner is chosen.

1. You must be a follower of this blog - if that's not possible, a link on your blogroll would be appreciated.
2. To enter write a post on your blog where you select your 3 favourite posts from Land War in Asia.
3. Your post must have 3 pictures, one from each of the posts you selected to portray.
4. Your post must have 3 summaries of the posts you selected to portray - each summary must have a minimum of 3 sentences.
5. You must post a comment on each of the posts you selected with a link to your post.
6. Post your blog link as a comment to this post by July 25th, 2011.
7. On July 26th, I will randomly determine the winner, and link to all your blog posts
8. I can't guarantee the time frame for the winner to receive the scenario, but I promise to give you a deadline once the topic is chosen.

I've been told that my scenarios are well put together, so hopefully this will appeal to all readers!


  1. Damn, can't enter this contest too. :(
    Your scenarios rocks ! I hope the lucky winner will choose a modern setting... :D

  2. Cool idea Donogh.

    For what its worth I didnt consider entering the last competition because the ACW isnt my thing and I would hate to deprive someone who wants those figures of them.

    I am formulating a plan regarding entry, but there is a hurdle: as far as I am aware as a Wordpress blogger I cant "follow" your blog. I read each post via my separate RSS fed blog reader but that doesnt constitute being a Follower, right?

  3. @Paul
    I didn't realise Wordpressers (and non-Googlers) couldn't follow. I think I'll waive that part of the (though a link on your blogroll might be a substitute)
    @Ulu/Fran - anything specifically I can tweak to convince you? I'm just copying the format of a contest I participated in, so I'm not wedded to the individual steps, just the overall concept

  4. Cool, consider yourself blogrolled :)
    (to confirm, it may be possible for Wordpressers to "Follow", but I havent been able to find it. I would be delighted to find out that I was wrong to be honest).

    I will post again once I have chose four of your posts.

  5. Look upon my blog ye readers and despair!


    My entry is above.

  6. My entry:



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