18 July, 2011

Corporate Security Drones

Heymans & Yamada security forces on Novaya Sakha rely heavily on drones to support their regular details. Small hover drones provide an extra few pairs of sensors in the urban environment. Armed spider drones provide some extra firepower, as well as being able to stand sentry.

Art by dasAdam

Spider Drone #1

Spider Drone on Base#1

Spider Drone #2

Spider Drone on Base#2

Sensor Drone #1

Sensor Drone on Base #1

Sensor Drone #2

Sensor Drone on Base #2

Both pairs of drones

Bases #1 + #2

The drones are from GZG's 15mm ranges (Grav MiniDrones & Spider Drones). The bases are by Antenocitis Workshop (40mm Kerbside Bases)


  1. The look great, the bases help them 'pop' even moreso.

  2. The drones are great. They keep reminding me of the drone things from Ghost in the Shell.

    Lovely. I dare say that they would be just fine for 28mm too.

  3. Thanks guys -
    The bases do make them! In fact I'm going to have to do some additional paintwork on the drones - a bit of extra highlighting I think...
    If you like the Ghost in the Shell-look, there's more along those lines for you over the next while!


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