01 October, 2012

Top Malo

While I have you, today is the last day of my contest celebrating this blog's 300th post. It'd be nice if I could roll a die to determine the winner...

Anyway, here's one from the memory stick > a few weeks back I umpired a game of Force on Force, the Top Malo scenario from the main rulebook.

Cold War Warsaw Pact figures are standing in for the Argentines, but no one will hold it against me surely?

The British force has all-but encircled the house - they'll need to take command of the ridge to force the Argentines out

Encircling the house

The defenders are loaded for bear (so to speak!). Surely it can't be wise to put all of one eggs in such a tempting basket, and having neglected to post sentries they can't fault the fox for trying [too many mixed-metaphors, I plead Guilty as charged!]

Defenders loaded for bear

The British set up a GPMG near the woods and open fire, to some good effect

Opening fire

Their companions who take the ridgeline, have no such luck. They direct an awful lots of firepower into the house, but come off second best to return fire from the uncowed Argentines

Fire support team outgunned

Rupert & co. make to the ridgeline to minister to the fallen.

Command team behind cover

Meanwhile, the other element of the flanking force hare across open ground to take cover behind a small hill

Crossing open ground

The command team take cover as the rest of the fire support group continues to take a fearful punishment. The good news is that the house has started to creak and groan under the amount of hits it's taken

Firefight on the ridge

Indeed, the wrecked house is on fire! The Argentines must get out soon before they are overcome by the smoke

House on fire

The survivors on the ridgeline cut them first evacuation attempt off - gunning down five or more Argentines as they make their way out

Cutting them off

The entire house is ablaze now, but the second team makes it to safety


Despite taking the house, the British have taken serious casualties (1 KIA and 5 seriously wounded) while failing to capture or prevent the escape of the entire Argentine contingent.

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  1. a draw is all I can draw from the game. good game but not desisive in the end


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