06 January, 2013


The Mujahideen evacuated their base as the two ground columns closed on Zhawar. The Mujahideen were unable to evacuate their stores but the Soviet commander knew that he could not destroy the caves in the available time. The combat soldiers were withdrawing as the sappers remained behind to destroy as much as they could. 

The Mujahideen were keen to fall on the heels of their retiring foes; anyone who fell behind would be in serious trouble…

The convoy enters a pass - the two heavy trucks carrying a few engineers and their equipment are escorted by two BMPs. Over-eager officers lead in a jeep
Two groups of Mujahideen open fire on the jeep as it enters the killing zone, but it somehow survives  the torrent of fire (albeit with it wheels blown out and the engine spouting steam)
The trucks pull off the road to leave the infantry take care of things 
The truck to the left is attacked - and the two engineers bail out and take cover
The rear-most BMP disgorges its load, who advance to the ridgeline to take on the ambushing Afghans
The jeep has been stopped (both officers are seriously wounded), but things are complicated: a group of Afghan civilians are crossing the road, an suspected roadside bomb has been spotted up ahead and the jeep has blocked the firing line of the BMP!
The second squad clears the small village, wiping out a second group of Mujahideen. They bundle their wounded man into the rear of the BMP and get the truck moving again
Time to take the alternate route - the going will be slower off-road but they'll avoid the IEDs ahead
One of the Afghan's T-55s was obviously recovered and put back into use as soon as the Soviets withdrew.  Minutes of terror and tension build as every soldier tries to get out of the way!
Thankfully for the Soviets, one of their brave soldiers put an RPG into the tank, knocking out its main gun. The crew stay aboard to return fire with the machine gun, but a shot from the BMP's cannon knocks out the optics and the Afghans bail out and scarper
So much for clearing that village - a crewed .50cal turns up in the rear but is  knocked out by the quick-reacting infantry
Backing away, the BMP covered the withdrawal. A small fireteam holds their position 'til the second truck exits
One last group of Mujahideen makes its move to gun down the unlucky fireteam, killing one and seriously wounding the others.
 The Soviets get both trucks off, though losing the jeep and with multiple casualties. A victory, though one won in the final turn.
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  1. Excellent, as always.
    Was the Tank & the .50cal generated by Fog of War?

    1. Thanks!
      Both were part of the reinforcements table (the Mujahideen actually had a couple of T-55s during this campaign)

    2. Ah, okay.
      Well, I had the impression that thats a pretty strong reinforcement for that scenario, thats why I thought FoW might be responsible ;)
      But the Russians seemed to handle that well.

      BTW - Nice to see some more FoF-AARs from you again, has been a while since the last.

  2. Cool looking game and a great write up and pics.
    Thanks mate.
    We're doing FoF now as well, Modern and WW2.
    Check out my blog.


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