10 January, 2013

Salamanders - Stage 1

Putting together my Salamanders force for the Istvaan V Dropzone Massacre (I know, who'd sign up for that mission!)

As advertised I'll be using figures from Alternative Armies range of Retained Knights for Ion Age

I have a good lot of these guys (with what Ion Age call the 'Angis 12.5mm Rifle').
Doesn't quite match the iconic image of the Bolter, but it can't really be anything else. Bonus points for bayonets!
Next big batch is these lads. Five of each with what look like energy weapons.
Probably a good match for a Plasma Gun (a 'Minstrel Taser' in Ion Age)
Could be a Flamer, but I'll go with Melta Gun instead (a 'Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle' in Ion Age)
Five guys with unlikely looking ballistic weaponry
I just love this guy - he's going to be a Veteran Sergeant (maybe with Artificier Armour and a Power Fist) even if his weapon just looks like an Autogun! (a 'Tumbler SMG' in Ion Age)
This'll stand in for a Heavy Bolter - I wonder if it looks more like an Ogryn Ripper Gun though? (a 'Moth Type 12 Multi Launcher' in Ion Age)
Missile Launcher (and loader)
Four guys with pistols, they have groovy crests and Ion Age has them tagged as Nobles, but I'll put them into action as Scouts instead
Those will have to stand in as Bolt Pistols (Ion Age's 'Carnwennan Handguns')
A Command squad if we ever saw them. Three studious chaps (a Lieutenant, Medic and TechMarine) in the top row and then a Librarian or Chaplain in the bottom left and a Captain to his right
Two who may just stand in for Assault Marines (armed with a 'Roaz Axe' and an 'Octa Sword' in Ion Age)
Three strangely armoured guys with a variety of weaponry, Ion Age labels them as in experienced Aloutens with older style armour. I reckon they'll do as Veteran Sergeants!
 So that's it so far. Four full tactical squads with a lot of energy weapons, a Scout squad and some Company HQ.
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  1. Medieval knights crossed w Space Marines. Cool. The chaplain is very fine.
    If I was signing up for the "Istvaan V Dropzone Massacre", I'd want there to one heck of a medal for the survivors!

  2. I've never seen these figs before, they look really cool and will be neat to see out there as Salamanders. Looking forward to seeing them take shape.

  3. I never thought I'd see you return to 40k.

    1. Of course, I'm not using GW figures or rules. But otherwise you have a right to be shocked!


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