08 February, 2013

Contracting Trouble - Redux

After the first game a crowd of us sat/stood around the table for some varied chat; until I charged a couple of them to give Contracting Trouble another go, since the terrain was already set up and all.

During the last post I compared this to 'Suicide Mission' (from Space Hulk) - what I meant was that the mission is challenging for a beginner, but experienced player can give themselves a much better shot at success...

The first fire team reaches the contractors without much trouble, with their comrades on a rooftop behind they  feel safe
Two things are not in their favour however: one large group of insurgents has broken away from contact and moved all the way around the main street, aiming to cut off their line of retreat
The other group near the SUV has hugged the wall of the building and is now actually out of line-of-sight of the overwatch team, while being able to attack the rescue team. The insurgents wipe out the rescue team, taking the contractors and one of the soldiers prisoner

The second fire team rushes to their rescue, though the initial exchange of fire is in the regulars' favour, they're stuck for time and assault through the insurgents killing every last one and saving one of the mates and the contractors

Their time is running out and as they flee the scene of the wrecked SUV, the insurgents lining the walls and in nearby building open fire and overwhelm them

A white-wash in favour of the insurgents, careful manoeuvring along with some poor decisions by the regular player made it a bad day for the squaddies


  1. sounds like these no winning for the contractors they seem more trouble than their worth.

    perhaps there is a man to win the day here but certainly it seems that both teams need to be able to stop the insurgents that rush around the corners and yet reach the contractor in time. perhaps they need to kill as many as possible before they go to his aid?

  2. My experience with this scenario is that you must be very quick when playing regulars. Getting bogged down will cost you victory, as the number of insurgents quickly increases while your time is running out already.
    Of course, my first time playing this scenario was a big failure, but after changing my approach I was able to win in the second game already, being more aggressive and quicker.

    Actually, I´ll probably run this scenario next week with our club and see how they fare!

  3. @Black Guardian - I'm with you 100%, any dilly-dallying, even such which would make sense usually is a death-knell for the mission.


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