04 August, 2011

Projects Underway. An Audit!

On Tuesday I popped over to Mr. Kinch's for a spot of Command & Colours: Napoleonics. Some nice wine and a spot of port was had, and despite two French defeats at Redinha I enjoyed myself.
I will post a game report once Conrad sorts out the photos...

During a brief lull we discussed what projects he had on the go and it got me to thinking...

I thought I might recap here, if you'll humour me.
I'm dividing them up into two, one group where I am currently painting or lining up miniatures to be painted. The others are projects I am writing up, either campaign, scenarios or rules.

Projects Underway (Writing)

1. Operation Snakebite: Force on Force scenarios for Musa Qala in 2007 for Conspiracy at the end of September. 4 linked scenarios
2. Judge Dredd Miniatures Game scenario for my Scenario Contest (#2)
3. Ambush Valley: Force on Force scenarios for ACAV platoon in Vietnam. 2 linked scenarios
4. Devil take the Hindmost: Perilous Trail scenarios for Gaelcon at the end of October. 6 linked scenarios
5. Tabletop Teaser adaptation using Force on Force for Battlegames magazine
6. Pike & Shot adaptation for Command & Colours (and probably a scenario or two for the English Civil War)
7. Thunder on the Danube: C&C Napoleonics campaign between Austria and France in 1809
8. Attack State Red: Force on Force scenarios following the Royal Anglians in Afghanistan. 6 of 10 written and 5 played
9. Fall of Hanhai: Tomorrow's War scenarios for Leprecon in March. 4 linked scenarios
10. Siege Warfare (Horse & Musket): While I've finished the rules, I must prepare a scenario to playtest them

Projects Underway
(on a scale of 1=Currently Painting, 5=In a Box)

1. Heymans & Yamada Corporate Security Force for Tomorrow's War (GZG 25mm Stargrunt)
2. Two platoons, vehicles and extras for next year's Big Guild Game (Various 20mm Moderns)
3. NVA platoon for Force on Force/Ambush Valley (Britannia 20mm)
4. A handful of Eldar who I never got rid of, but now that I'm seeing the In the Name of The Emperor rules I reckon they could be a viable force (GW 28mm 40K)
5. A couple of squads of space marines which will do for 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars and 40K Old School (Alternative Armies 28mm Ion Age)

I've got an idea!

All this makes me think I need to serious cull the collection of unpainted lead. I'll get around to cataloguing and photographing it this month for disposal over on a forum or eBay, but if there's anything that catches your eye below, let me know...

1. Aztecs - 28mm (Foundry)
2. Conquistadors - 28mm (Foundry)
3. Swashbucklers - 28mm (Foundry)
4. Gladiators - 28mm (Foundry)
5. Irish (Tudor-period) - 28mm (Redoubt)
6. English (Tudor-period) - 28mm (Redoubt)
7. Blackblood (Chronopia) - 28mm (Target/Prince August)
8. Aeronef Fleets - Japanese & British - 1/1200 (Brigade Games)
9. Viet Cong - 6mm (Irregular)


  1. Definitely need a bit of downsizing, sorry only into 20mm WW2 at the moment, get them on TMP.

  2. Older and wiser than me it would seem! :-)

  3. In The Emperors Name has me digging around in my shamefully large heap of 40k stuff too actually. I am looking forward to trying it out, but it might be a while yet.

    If you give it a go then I would love to hear what you make of it.


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