22 August, 2011

Slick Recovery

Two old college buddies dropped over on Saturday night for a spot of wargaming. I dusted off my copy of Ambush Valley and did a quick and dirty merge with Force on Force.

An Austrlian patrol is in a position to meet up with the downed aircrew

Australian patrol moves in

Through bush and paddy field it's meeting up with some local Viet Cong resistance in its effort to get to them

Through bush and paddy field

Moving up to hold down one of the stream crossings, this fire team gets hit with a minestrike, downing one of its members


On the other flank, this fire team rushes an enemy position - unwisely eschewing sticking to cover

Rushing an enemy position

The patrol's command team catches the VC out in the open

Catching VC out in the open

A VC machine gun team trades fire with the Australians across the stream

Machine Gun trading fire

VC and Aircrew in firefight across mud pond. This main force VC cell is well-armed and the aircrew has hunkered down to go on overwatch in defence of this position

VC and Aircrew in firefight across mud pond

VC reinforcements arrive to start putting the pressue on the Australian's attempt to rescue the aircrew

VC reinforcements

VC outflanked and ambushed by the command team, which picks up the pace to cross the river to join up with the aircrew

VC ambushed

The M60 gunner, whose team have taken serious casualties means business. There's no one in the VC who can stop him, not even this lone VC who pops out of a spider hole. He's some kind of Strike Commando!

M60 Gunner vs Spider Hole

VC reinforcements finally have their say, and the aircrew and Australian command team are taken out yards from each other.

Main Force VC target aircrew

A nice intro game for the two lads (who may not ignore the benefits of cover and overwatch next time!)

It was the 45-year anniversary of Long Tan during the week, so take a look at this site - some great photos.


  1. Is he deadly prey?


  2. The less said about that movie the better (unless you're a proponent of so bad it's good!)

    @Omar: All 20mm by Britannia

  3. Still iffy about trying 20mm. I like the bigger models with more detail, but not HUGE like 25/28mm... Will probably stick with 15mm, but stuff like this really tempts me! Thanks!


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