09 July, 2012

Known Unknowns

Electronic intercepts have indicated that a convoy carrying vital enrichment apparatus is making the journey from Bandar-e Abbas to the Fordow Facility outside Qom. A small ODA team has been tasked with intercepting the convoy, confirming the nature of the apparatus and destroying it.

The ODA team has set up in ambush positions with an IED to stop the convoy. Equipped with non-standard fatigues and ex-Soviet weaponry, they're completely deniable.

Convoy turns corner

IED goes off but somehow 6D10 vs. 1D6 results in 1 hit and a suppressed vehicle. The crew bail out but are gunned down by the overwatching MG team ahead.

Jeep hits IED

The entire convoy grinds to a halt and every debussed trying to overwhelm the MG team

Debussing Squads hit hard

But the MG team are very very good and pretty much take care of four entire fireteams for 1 casualty in return (who's just lightly wounded as it turns out!).

Machine gun wreaking havoc

Two civilian vehicles muddy the waters, one lot are smart enough to get out and run for it, but the other guy (taxi driver we surmise) keeps on driving!)

Civilians muddy the waters

Incredibly bad first aid rolls on the four Internal Security officers whose jeep was hit by the IED!

Bad First Aid Checks

The HQ vehicle swerves to one side and the survivors of the rush towards the MG retreat back to the convoy

Iranians advance to pressurise MG team

The ODA fireteam and technical team get some height on the convoy (that CIA officer must be ex-special forces himself as he's on fire!).

Moving up

Next turn the Iranians switch tack and use the trucks to cover them against the MG concentrating on the teams advancing from the house nearby

Dishing out some damage in return

The US advance across to the first truck, avoiding an oblivious civilian car which has kept on moving! The take a prisoner from the convoy HQ team and identify the apparatus.

Examining the Apparatus

Two attempts to set explosives end in failure! I guess someone forgot to pack a spare detonator. They let off a magazine and a grenade or two and scarper.


  1. that was a very one-sided battle... hmm maybe too one sided. I would have liked to see a bit more action away from the trucks but what am I to say. nice game all the same

  2. As far as I`ve seen "ordinary" troops don`t have an earthly chance against Spec OPs level guys in FoF games - even in a straight stand-up fight.

    Frankly, I just don`t see the fun in slaughtering your opponent in a one-sided game.

    Lovely figures and terrain though :-)

    1. ......there is always that little chance that it all goes, and I quote, "tits-up".

      That is why you swap sides or if it is over quick, play it again.

  3. Leigh Neville13 July, 2012 05:16

    Just like in real life Richard!

    You know I write for AAG, so bias declared, but these scenarios, along with all published FOF/AA scenarios, have victory conditions which mean that even a couple of Coalition casualties can win the game for the opposition. Plus once you have a badly wounded guy, you have to treat him which causes additional headaches for the friendlies.

    Donogh also used good solid small unit tactics- initiating with the IED and then suppressing the opposition with his machine gun team before using the other fire teams to close in and engage the survivors. Again FOF/AA rewards good tactics.

  4. Hi Richard,
    A fair comment to an extent; certainly 'different strokes' appeal to wargamers. Both players enjoyed themselves though.

    The SpecOps guys (particularly the MG team) were just a little too lucky in this game.
    Winning four reaction tests in a row, and then the Iranian team being either effectively wiped out or failing morale and being suppressed. Plus you saw the First Aid roll for the first team in the jeep!

    And as you may see in the next few games, the SpecOps guys definitely don't wipe the floor with the regulars every time.

  5. F-o-F is a very strange set of rules when you first read them through. After three 'little' engagements I was totally hooked. Once you free your mind from years of games wacoshop brainwashing you see the beauty of these rules. They play just like the real thing usually works out! Fast and fluid and as Mr. Neville stated, you are rewarded for using tactics.

    As for the 'success' of the MG team......anything in front of a MG team is in serious trouble.


  6. This was an awesome game! I love your minis as well as your terrain. I have no had the courage to delve into FoF yet but have read through the rules a few times. So far it has established itself as a first-class skirmish system.
    Your site is inspiring!


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