08 July, 2012

A Terrible Aspect

I received #30 of Battlegames in the post on Friday.

Despite it's old-school visage, Henry did me the honour of publishing an article by yours truly!

Therein, you'll find shenanigans in Azerbaijan as an arms dealer, protected by mercenaries, hands over a mysterious 'package' to rebel forces while government troops attempt to intervene. Written for Force on Force, but definitely usable in other places, eras and with whatever rules occupy your time.

Now officially chuffed!

A big thank you to our esteemed colleague (and erstwhile photographer) Conrad Kinch.

Tomorrow, I'll begin posting some more special forces mischief...


  1. Well now I'll just have to go buy the thing.... *mutter*

  2. Well done! Its always nice to see your name in print.

  3. Donogh, it was fantastic to see your name in the magazine when I got a copy on Friday. Super article as well, in a very good issue. Really versatile scenario, and (as you say) one that can certainly trip back quite easily to 19th Century Afghanistan (which is where I hope to take it!)

  4. Thanks guys!
    Looking forward to your take on 19th Afghanistan Sidney - what's in the package - Some kind of photograph hinting at a Bohemian scandal perhaps?

    1. I'm thinking very much along those lines, Donogh, very much along those lines.....!


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