01 April, 2011

Now that's what I call Service!

I was looking for an Mi-8/17 to do a bit of heavy lifting for the Soviets in Afghanistan and couldn't really find anything which was both reasonable and had decent postage costs attached.

I sent Brian of Hobbyden a PM the other day. While there wasn't any on the site I thought he might have one knocking about somewhere in the depths of his shed.
He got back to me yesterday to let me know he did have one, quoted me a very reasonable figure and off to PayPal I strode.

Got back from work today to find this waiting for me

So, obviously fantastic service (and I'm not just saying that because he's behind me with a razor!).

Brian's also been doing some fine sculpting work recently - doing some modern US vehicles (though I gather there's some more in the works)

So wander over to thehobbyden if you do have any requirements for random hobby stuff!


  1. Hey Donogh, I just noticed you are the prizewinner over at TMP for Friday. ...just in case you didn't catch it yet.


  2. The hobby at work and a good bit of Cavin and Hobbes.


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