22 February, 2012

Eyes On

Intelligence assets in Azerbaijan have identified that Azeri militia units inside the Armenian-controlled enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh have been attempting to acquire a weapon powerful enough to destabilise the region and bring the two countries to the brink of war.

Azeri Special Forces were given the first bite at the cherry, but failed to prevent the transfer of the Package to the rogue militia forces. An ODA team has been sent into put eyes on it, and destroy it along with any threat to the stability of the region.

Two militia units patrol the area where the Package is being kept, before being moved for its deployment. The two-man observation team is hidden nearby and is scanning the buildings to locate the Package and its Handler to call in a JDAM strike.

Rebel Patrolling area

One of the militia patrols nears a possible hiding place of the OP team and gets suspicious, but doesn't spot anything and moves on

Patrol gets suspicious

With the OP team still searching, suddenly the Handler exits a building and goes to his car - the Package is on the move!

Handler leaving early

The OP team hurredly calls in for that airstrike but communications are a bit fritzy...

OP Team

The second patrol notices them and rushes over towards the copse of trees - spotting the OP team's position and opening fire. One of the team is wounded and they call in the Quick Reaction Force nearby while returning fire. They don't have much time - the first patrol is racing in their direction and a militia unit resting in one of the other buildings has roused itself

Spotted by second patol

Coincidentally (but the team on the ground put it down to careful planning) the QRF drives in along exactly the route the Handler was taking in his car!

QRF drives to intercept

The QRF team open fire on the vehicle, killing the Handler and his driver - the vehicle spins out of control and flips over on some rocky ground

Handler and driver killed

With militia units closing in the the OP team running for their lives, there is no chance to snatch or destroy the Package. Will Special Forces be able to intervene before it's deployed?


  1. Good stuff. Looking forward to part II.

  2. Someone watched the daily show recently!

  3. Thanks.
    @Anon: We played this game at the start of February so a couple of weeks ahead of Jon Stewart!


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