01 August, 2012

With Swallow's Wings

Put in a few orders a couple of weeks back, and all three of them arrived inside a week (from England). That's about how long it takes for packages to arrive and so this means that they were all sent the day (or maybe the day after) I submitted the order.

KR Multicase
I must admit I was a bit confused by the product selection procedure on the site, I sent in a comment (clicking on 'Contact Us') and received some very helpful advice.
If you're interested, I got the Kaiser (1) bag, with a Card case, 1xD2H (pick out foam for vehicles) and 6xM4H (to carry 150 troops) - perfect for a 20mm force.

Caliver Books
I've ordered from Caliver plenty of times before, so this was no surprise - still I was pleased when the newest ImagiNation campaign book from Messers Grant & Olley dropped in the letter box. The Wolfenbuttel War: Four table top teasers based on the Waterloo campaign.

My first time ordering from Ainsty, I chose a selection of wooden jetty pieces for my Perilous Trail game at Gaelcon in October

Excellent service from all!


  1. cool I realy like the carry case. something I should invest in, when I start going to a club. whenever that is...

  2. What'd the case set you back, Donogh?


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