08 March, 2011

Charlie Foxtrot

An American Chinook has gone down outside Garmsir due to enemy fire. The crew and on-board sniper team have evacuated the area and have made their way to the outskirts of the town. All forces in the local area have been scrambled to intervene as there is no QRF available.

The Viking approches the farming hamlet the aircrew is heading for - all seems quiet in the area

Viking approaches hamlet

Marine snipers cover the aircrew - a marine and an airman have been seriously wounded in the crash and this is going to seriously slow them down

Marine Snipers cover Aircrew

The SAS team in the area quickly drive their SUV up to one of the small houses and occupy the rooftop

SAS occupy rooftop

British firing line at the compound wall takes casualties - but it is dissauding Taliban from advancing to cut off the aircrew

British firing line takes casualties

One group gets around the back of the small ridge line and pursues the Aircrew, trading fire with the Marines but inflicting some casualties. One airman is killed and another severely wounded

Taliban pursue Aircrew

The brave marine snipers decide to buy the aircrew time by making a stand and engaging forces behind them as well as back at the main compound to the south

Marines on Overwatch

Supporting its section, the Viking has left its rear armour facing a newly arrived RPG team. Thankfully it escapes any harm and returns fire from it top-turrent machine gun

Viking escapes RPG attack

The hunted become the hunters as a suppressed (and escaping behind cover, thinking they are safe) Taliban unit is approached by the sniper team, who put them down in short order
Hunted become the hunters

Large Taliban force tries to cut off withdrawal. They avoid the house as it's on fire since the beginning of the action.

Large Taliban force tries to cut off withdrawal

The aircrew (one unhurt airman with an M240 who manages to drag it and his two wounded comrades) reaches the SUV and are told to drive it (the keys are in the ignition) to safety

Aircrew get to SUV

More reinforcements arrive at the orchard - along with an ant-tank RPG team, this group can seriously harm the exfiltration

More Reinforcements arrive at Orchard

SAS clear the trees - though the large group had withdrawn already to engage a British fireteam. This intense firefight results in one British death but the Viking and SUV make it safely past (the airmen using the Viking as a shield)

SAS clear the trees

SAS are surrounded. According to plan. Though their uncommon valour did not extend to assaulting the compound across the way to take out the anti-air gun responsible for the chopper's shooting down.

SAS are surrounded

The SUV is shot through the engine block in a miraculous snapshot by a lone Taliban sniper, but the airmen are able to get inside the Viking and escape.

A close-run thing, but victory in the end for the British.
You may have noticed that I used my Vietnam downed aircrew in this scenario, but hopefully I won't be pilloried for it!

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