30 November, 2011

Bad Moon Rising

A second patrol, led by Lieutenant Boggs sets out to locate the Reverend Johnston.

The Patrol

Strung out in the jungle, Boggs leads from the middle (by the book) armed only with a pistol

Lieutenant Boggs leads from the middle

He splits the patrol into two teams, able to support each other, but not liable to be hit all at once

Patrol splits in two

There's a Spinosaurus on the other side of the ridge

Spinosaurus on the other side of the ridge

It rushes to the other side of rocky outcrop where it can see the Marines

Rushes to other side of rocky outcrop

Rearward team clambers up onto a ridge from where it can engage the Spinosaurus over the head of the others

Rearward team clambers up

The Lewis Gun gets into action - state of the art firepower

Lewis Gun in action

But what's this behind them - sneaky raptors!

They're behind you

And a surprise lurker on top of the ridge - the native warrior lunges at the Lewis gunner, knocking the weapon out of his grasp (to shatter on the way down the rocks)

Surprise lurker

While the Marines atop the ridge struggle with the warrior, the two Raptors creep closer

Creeping up

Though the Lewis Gunner is killed before the Marines can drive the warrior off, they turn their attention on the Spinosaurus who withdraws behind some cover (They reckon they've just made it mad!)

Now it's annoyed

The order is given to move out...

Move out

but it's too late to get away from the surprisingly speedy Spinosaurus. Supporting fire from the ridge wounds its leg and drives the beast off (for now),

Too late to get away

They withdraw to higher ground - but they're cut off by the Raptors, who finally make their move

Withdrawal to high ground cut off

They survive, killing one and maiming another (thankfully avoiding friendly fire in the fierce melee). But now they've got big company

Got company

RAWR! A carefully aimed shotgun to the head puts the giant creature down


Back on the ridge, a newly arrived Raptor jumps up - it's driven back to the ground by a drumload of Tommy Gun rounds

Surprising agility

The Marines clamber down and the Lieutenant puts a bullet in the beast's head. They keep going up the trail in an attempt to catch up with the lead team

Back to Work

They've reached the other side of the ridge having come in contact with a Raptor on the way down

Still no sign of Johnston

They're caught awares as they check around for Johnston - another native spears Jones in the back

Caught unawares

Two Raptors pounce on Boggs and his men as they pass by the Spinosaurus' carcass, they kill one

More Raptors

The other Raptor runs off into the undergrowth to think on a different approach

Hide and Seek

As it comes around for another look, Boggs and Mitchell stay motionless and very quiet - the Raptors runs past

Be Very Quiet

At the bottom of the ridge another ambuscade results in a dead Marine, Gooch sees off the native with his shotgun

Stabbed in the back

But he's leapt on by the circling Raptor as he reloads his shotgun

Shotgun vs Raptor

Boggs and Mitchell rush past the warriors, making every round count - even accounting for the Raptor still feasting on the body of Gooch

Another surprise]

Finally the two find Johnston: "let's get out of here"


One last visitor is shot down as it crosses the open ground towards them

One last visitor

*whew* A nightmare for the Marines - very straightforward at the beginning (although the Spinosaurus did better than usual!) and amazingly enough three of the five Marine dead were accounted for by native warriors!
I'm upgrading Boggs to 'hero' for this; killing two Raptors with his pistol - we'll even give him a sub-machine gun for the trip back to the boat!

Final game of Solopalooza - I'll definitely be doing more of this (though my preference will remain for human opponents other than me!)


  1. Wonderful!

    Lt Boggs should consider applying for membership in the International League of Esteemed Leviathan Hunters:


  2. Are these natives bonkers or what, taking the dinos' side? They ought to be running away!


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