09 March, 2012

Lead Painters' League Opens

Round 1 of Season 6 of the Lead Painters League is underway over on the Lead Adventure Forum
f you're not familiar with it get yourself over there to see some fantastic eye candy (as well as people going through their lead mountains at a cracking rate!)

In summary, paint up a team of miniatures, you're randomly paired off with another contestant, everyone votes for their favourite in the pairing and then onto the next round. There are ten rounds after which a league table of sorts has been established. There are bonus points for matching themes in three of the rounds. So there's a lot of old school miniatures being used for Round 1. Have a look at the rules.

I'd urge you to join up, take a good look and vote.

Like last year, I won't be telling you any of my favourites, but I will highlight five match-ups where the opponents are closely matched:

The Fellowship of 1989 vs. Encounter at Skull Harbor

Dastardly Dixon gang pose for camera vs. WotR on the march

Dark Future '88 vs. At the barn

Heroes of Japan vs. RT Space Orks

Marauder MM20 Orcs 1988 vs. Training Day

Good luck to everyone!
Back in a few days to post the rest of my Tomorrow's War games from Leprecon.


  1. Some beautiful examples of painting here. Waaaay out of my league!

  2. Indeed fantastic stuff . Those Dark future figs are excellent

  3. Wow! All of them are beautiful!


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