28 March, 2012

The Package

The rogue Azeri militia group inside Nagorno-Karabakh have arranged an arms dealer to deliver the weapon to the ghost town of Agdam by light plane.

Azerbaijan feels it’s not yet ready for such a confrontation and sends in special forces to arrest the militia leader and confiscate the Package.

The raid begins

The funds transfer has just taken place and the deal is being closed - the Azeri raid has struck at the last possible minute

Special Forces move in

The special forces move in quickly, taking out the rooftop machine gunners as they cross the open ground to take cover at a wall

Making it to cover

As gunfire opens up, there's confusion at the meet - fire is exchange across the airstrip and both teams secure their principals. Accusation of a double-cross are exchanged in the heat of battle

Confusion at the meet

The milita squad next to the SUV rush to the roof of the nearby building to target the special forces squads bunched up in their line of fire, but despite some success are quickly suppressed

Rebels pile into SUV

The militia nearest their leader pull him back out of the building and behind it to get out of the line of fire. The special forces have taken the main compound overlooking the airstrip and are putting down an impressive amount of fire on everything they can see

Screeching to a halt beside rebel leader

As the mercenaries cross the open ground they take casualties and despite their training hunker down, they eventually make it to safety behind the building adjacent the aircraft but aren't too confident about moving on (the pilot is still dithering on the steps)

Is that a Merc

As the mission clock moves on the special forces realise they must throw caution to the wind the move on - they race across the airstrip to try to catch the militia in a crossfire but can't make it effective

Covering airstrip

The Azeri Special Forces must withdraw, as the Armenians have been alerted to their presence in the enclave...


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