16 August, 2007

Sheridan pursues Cleburne to Wartrace

Tennessee Campaign, 1863
News from the Front - July 8th - July 14th

July 8th

Cleburne's Division, defeated at Bell Buckle and thrown out of theirfieldworks, retreats off the Highland Rim and towards Wartrace,staying in touch with Stewart's Division to their left. Meanwhile, atLoudon, Brigades under Jackson and Pegram start moving southwards.Mitchell's Cavalry Division continues to move south, past the westernoutskirts of Shelbyville.

July 9th

The need to replenish supplies after the recent battles depletes theConfederate supply depot at Wartrace. Mitchell moves southwest ofShelbyville threatening communications back to Tullahoma.As both sides take stock of their position, the loss of the passesthrough the Highland Rim have obviously dented the Confederates,though some advantage is still to be had.

July 10th

The desire of the Confederates to hold the advance line now thatthey've been thrown off the Highland Rim seems unwavering, as theybring in even more supplies to Wartrace by rail.Sheridan's Division begins following up on its success at Bell Buckleand moves southwards. It stays on Cleburne's scent as that woundeddivision retreats back to Wartrace.

July 11th

Van Cleve's 3rd Division of Crittenden's Corps sends scouts out toMcMinnville to discover that it's garrisoned by Morgan's CavalryDivision. It's advance has so far been slow, muddy tracks masqueringas roads on the maps are blamed.Cleburne's and Stewart's Divisions meet at Wartrace and some movementof troops between the two divisions is detected.

July 12th

Union forces at Liberty Gap bring down supplies from Murfressboro, inanticpation of further advances in the area. Jackson and Pegramcontinue down the railway towards Chattanooga.Meanwhile Stewart's Division begins to retreat southwards fromWartrace.

July 13th

Sheridan is obvious in his attempts to bring Cleburne to battle buthe cannot get his brigades moving.

July 14th

Sheridan finally brings Cleburne to battle at Wartrace.

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