29 October, 2013


Just coming to the end of my post-Gaelcon recovery day. Had a blast, running and playing several games, as well as catching up with all and sundry over a few drinks.

Friday Night:
Kicked off with a one-shot of Apocalypse World - continuing the double-barrelled game I had started at Hobocon in August. Great session with Jo, Alan, Red Phil and Rob.

Started my Perilous Trail campaign off with Mick, Ger and Colin, and then played some Little Wars on the floor, ran ably by my comrade-in-arms Conrad. Ran a quick pick-up game of Perilous Trail for John and then finished off with a play-test of Ronan's promising new boardgame Fifth Column.

Continued adventures on the Perilous Trail with Mick, Conrad, Kaari and Fiachra, defended a fort to the last round in another game of Little Wars in the afternoon and played an interesting hack of Contenders by Gregor based on GTA called 'Drive it like you stole it' with Alan and Red Phil.

I also picked up a great-looking and useful piece from DramaScape - their Warehouse map, not in the usual 8"x10" card format, but in full-blown poster mode. Expect to see some Rainbow Six action take place in that space soon...

Finished off with the climactic scenario of Perilous Trail with Gregor, Shevy, Brian and Graham, and then ran another quick pick-up game for Jo and Red Phil. Unfortunately I was stuck for time so I had to run before the closing ceremony and had no time for a wind-down pint or two.

Game reports will follow.

16 October, 2013

Rest Stop

Holed up in an isolated farmhouse outside of Tranch, Markham and company need to gather supplies urgently. Of course finding reliable survivors and weapons would also be great if they are to cope with the strange walking dead...

They roll up outside a highway rest stop - Markham goes inside the store, while the others investigate the fuel station (they'll need to top up the truck if they want to go on many more shopping excursions).

At the crossroads - there's some activity in the distance but so long as they remain quiet they should get away with it 
Markham checks his six before heading to the store room to load up a pallet
Outside the fuel station, there's a burnt-out Militia armoured vehicle - with some dead crew members nearby.  
Exploring the fuel station, everything's locked up inside, but there's a way up to get the fuel pumps going manually
Markham hears a sound from somewhere - he tries to remember his CQB training, but it could get pretty hairy without someone to back him up
His caution is rewarded - there are two of those things near the checkout. He takes one down with a pistol shot while the other almost gets the jump on a buddy who's come inside to warn him
Across the way, two militia men come running out - they're the surviving crew members of the tank who'd holed up inside the fuel station. 
They hollering has attracted the attention of the shambling horde nearby - the lead militia soldier lets rip with his autogun, but that's the end of the shopping trip. 
They load everything handy aboard the truck and drive away - they've only got one trip's worth of fuel left for the truck...

10 October, 2013

Convenience Shop

The year 40.428 saw the expansion of warp storm Elohim into the Hazeroth Marches of the Calixis Sector of Imperium space. Many worlds were swallowed whole never to be seen in this dimension ever again, some were left barren and void of all life, scoured by the touch of chaos, and some have an altogether different story, one of despair and heroism. This is one of those stories.

The central government of the planet Hesiod’s Wake first realised their doom when a space hulk, the Tears of Damnation spewed forth from a wormhole above the planet, within an hour the planet had been sealed from the Astronomican by the warp storm, a mere week after the hulk had crashed into the only city, Tranch. The planetary forces lacking any orbital defences had to look on in horror as millions were killed, this was only the beginning of the nightmare. The majority of the planet being only vaguely aware of the emperor as a god were helpless, some fought the hordes of things that fell out of the hulk with whatever they had, most failed.

Officer Markham has just pulled into Harvey's convenience shop to pick up a few things before heading back to the station. A suspect is locked in the back of the cruiser. 

From the dusty road out of the city, a horde of strange men walk in. They've surrounded the cruiser and are trying to get inside
Across the way, Marv's Bar is being attacked as well
The bar staff find that the back way out is blocked as well
Markham goes outside to see if he can get his shotgun and save the suspect, but he knows he won't make it. He pops off a few shots with his sidearm - putting down a couple, but only attracting their attention really.
With two civilians running towards the door to the convenience shop, Markham holds his nerve to stay outside to give them covering fire
Inside, one of the other survivors makes his way to the back door - there's a way to the loading bay from there. But there are already some of those things inside! He shuts the door, but that won't hold them out
They've broken into the cruiser, and despite a spirited attempt to escape, the suspect is caught and eaten alive! The others go to the windows of the shop and start to beat at them, attracted by the movement and lights inside
The glass breaks and the survivors hurry to escape out the back, grabbing some supplies as they run
They make it to a delivery vehicle parked outside and drive away with not a moment to spare!
With immediate survival sorted, Markham would have to try to gather supplies to feed his small band of survivors...

02 October, 2013

Red Squadron

The forces attacking the Diomedes gather...

A lone raider
The squadron of general purpose fighters are tasked to escort the attack squadron in
These are from Brigade Games' Squadron Commander Range (these are the German line).

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