23 July, 2012

Bring 'em On

Iranian Special Forces have identified important Baluchi leadership has located itself at the Iranian outpost near Nukabad. They’ve launched a raid to cut them off from any possible retreat and capture them all.

As the opening shots ring out, the outlying Baluchi patrol, with attendent Special Ops team race in through the trees

Leadership Conference in Outpost

The SpecOps team in the outlying building spot the incoming attack and open fire with their RPG

Special Force spot incoming attack

They're forced down from the rooftop and take stock of their casualties behind cover

Taking casualties trying to break contact

The two rebel leaders with their bodyguards make a run for it, but the Iranian attackers hit one of them with lightening reflexes

Leader shot down moving out

The rebel patrol is driven back by concerted fire from the 'left hook' of the Iranian attack and takes cover deep in the woods

Group of Tribesmen suppressed in wood

Taking their chances, an Iranian squad moves across open ground to keep the pressure on the American operatives

Iranians keep pressure on

With his two companions confirmed dead, a single operator at the trees packs his machine gun down and covers the tribal warriors are they attempt a retreat - although he accounts for a few Iranians neither he nor his charges escape

Lone Operator covers Tribesmen

Having overwhelmed the rest of the Baluchi in the outpost, a lone tribal sniper stands tall

Lone Tribal sniper

A well-executed attack by the Iranians and an over-inflated opinion of the ability of the SpecOps to fight off all comers meant that the two sections of the defending force weren't able to join up and were overrun in detail.

Two victories each for the Iranians and the US Special Forces - one thing is certain, that border outpost is indefensible!

16 July, 2012

Smoke 'em Out

A small cadre of operators are securing the base of operations for the other ODA missions. Providing training and technical advice to the Baluchi rebels takes a hands-on turn when the rebels plan an attack on an isolated Iranian outpost near Nukabad.

The Iranian garrison stands fast - awaiting relief from outlying patrols

Iranian Garrison stands fast

The tribesmen rush around the woods overlooking the outpost. Moving through the rough ground to outflank the defenders

Advancing Tribesmen

A small piquet on the ridgetop overlooking the outpost fires on the advancing enemy

Ridgetop Sentries

The tribesmen have manhandled a .50cal into a small copse of trees, directed by a special forces operative

DShK in treeline

The heavy machine gun puts the garrison under effective fire and Iranian morale begins to falter

Under fire from 50cal

A newly reinforced patrol returns and goes straight to work - they overwhelm the .50cal and ease the pressure on the garrison

Reinforced Patrol returns

The piquet moves down from the ridgeline and engages the large group moving into the wood - they lose that firefight, the tribesmen stand fast and return fire, driving them back to behind the slope

Engaging Tribesmen

Two groups of tribesmen, backed up by the special ops fireteam, mass for an attack

Massed attack on Outpost

The charge falters, but the Iranian garrison have been silenced and any survivors have hunkered down

Charge falters

An Iranian squad makes their way to reinforce the outpost, getting their just in time

Iranians reinforce Outpost

A tribal technical arrives on the scene and adds that heavy support to the attack on the outpost

Technical adds weight to fight

a group storm the outpost, but before they can exploit their victory they're shot down by a previously unseen Iranian .50cal on the small hillock southwards

Tribesmen storm Outpost

A fierce firefight erupts over attempts to gain access to the outpost - the outlying patrol has made a real impact on the Baluchi attack

Last ditch relief

Eventually the Special Forces enter, taking three prisoners and the rest of the Iranians withdraw

Special Forces take control

A close-run affair, the Baluchi tribal forces resupply and bring in reinforcements

12 July, 2012

Wanted, Dead or Alive

The Venezuelan Government has sent an expert to Iran to help guide the enrichment process. He’s located in a secluded compound near Natanz. The ODA has been sent in to capture him in order to interrogate him on the progress of the Iranian programme.

Word comes down as the teams are crossing the start line that the plan is changed, and they are to assassinate him.

Approach to Compound

The fireteam and MG team advance to the woods, but as they do the sniper team opens fire on an Iranian security team near the compound. Inflicting several wounds on them the return fire is effective and the spotter goes down

Iranian Security Perimeter

The advance team makes contact with the Iranians in the small copse of trees and virtually wipes them out

First Contact

The Iranians pull out before they can be overrun and the Operators continue

Point Blank

The Iranian garrison shifts position to meet the advancing special forces

Defenders shift position

Behind them the MG team loses out to the Iranians on a rooftop at the far side of the compound, both operators going down.

MG Team goes down

There's a standoff at the gates to the compound as the US team loses their nerve trying to close assault - they're still not sure where the Venezuelan is.

Stand off outside Compound

The hesitation gives the defenders a chance to shift positions to prepare - despite the pot-shots from the sniper keeping their heads down.

Charging In

The fireteam goes on the rampage, reaching the wall and shooting down one of the Iranian squads

Highly Effective Fire

Irked that they've lost time and assault through the first and second house.

Assaulting First House

They finally spot the Venezuelan, and the sniper takes a shot (but misses!). They're caught in the crossfire between the two remaining Iranian squads

In Crossfire

They grit their teeth and assault through the second house - the clock is ticking is not on their side and without any significant support from the weapons teams they don't have the time to engage in a measured firefight

Assaulting Second House

They cross the alleyway to assault the third house, but the Iranian security team high-tail it with the Venezuelan in tow and escape.

Venezuelan Spotted

The game is up and the Operators are forced to evade the rest of the security force

09 July, 2012

Known Unknowns

Electronic intercepts have indicated that a convoy carrying vital enrichment apparatus is making the journey from Bandar-e Abbas to the Fordow Facility outside Qom. A small ODA team has been tasked with intercepting the convoy, confirming the nature of the apparatus and destroying it.

The ODA team has set up in ambush positions with an IED to stop the convoy. Equipped with non-standard fatigues and ex-Soviet weaponry, they're completely deniable.

Convoy turns corner

IED goes off but somehow 6D10 vs. 1D6 results in 1 hit and a suppressed vehicle. The crew bail out but are gunned down by the overwatching MG team ahead.

Jeep hits IED

The entire convoy grinds to a halt and every debussed trying to overwhelm the MG team

Debussing Squads hit hard

But the MG team are very very good and pretty much take care of four entire fireteams for 1 casualty in return (who's just lightly wounded as it turns out!).

Machine gun wreaking havoc

Two civilian vehicles muddy the waters, one lot are smart enough to get out and run for it, but the other guy (taxi driver we surmise) keeps on driving!)

Civilians muddy the waters

Incredibly bad first aid rolls on the four Internal Security officers whose jeep was hit by the IED!

Bad First Aid Checks

The HQ vehicle swerves to one side and the survivors of the rush towards the MG retreat back to the convoy

Iranians advance to pressurise MG team

The ODA fireteam and technical team get some height on the convoy (that CIA officer must be ex-special forces himself as he's on fire!).

Moving up

Next turn the Iranians switch tack and use the trucks to cover them against the MG concentrating on the teams advancing from the house nearby

Dishing out some damage in return

The US advance across to the first truck, avoiding an oblivious civilian car which has kept on moving! The take a prisoner from the convoy HQ team and identify the apparatus.

Examining the Apparatus

Two attempts to set explosives end in failure! I guess someone forgot to pack a spare detonator. They let off a magazine and a grenade or two and scarper.

08 July, 2012

A Terrible Aspect

I received #30 of Battlegames in the post on Friday.

Despite it's old-school visage, Henry did me the honour of publishing an article by yours truly!

Therein, you'll find shenanigans in Azerbaijan as an arms dealer, protected by mercenaries, hands over a mysterious 'package' to rebel forces while government troops attempt to intervene. Written for Force on Force, but definitely usable in other places, eras and with whatever rules occupy your time.

Now officially chuffed!

A big thank you to our esteemed colleague (and erstwhile photographer) Conrad Kinch.

Tomorrow, I'll begin posting some more special forces mischief...

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