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Essentially this is a single place where you can see a preview of all my various wargaming projects - a collation of the Muster posts. Click on the heading above each photo to view the full collection of figures for that project.

Sengoku Jidai Samurai
Oda, Tokugawa and Takeda for Battle of Nagashino - 6mm
Oda Clan

West German Brigade
For Cold War gone Hot - 6mm
West German - Entire Brigade

French Regiment
For Cold War gone Hot - 6mm
French Regiment

Warsaw Pact Division
For Cold War gone Hot - 6mm
Warsaw Pact - Entire Division

Austrian Army
For Napoleonic Wars - 6mm
Right Wing in Line

French Army
For Napoleonic Wars - 6mm
Centre deployed for battle

Colonial Adventurers
British and American adventurers for Perilous Trail! dinosaur hunting - 10mm
2nd Squad and Gun under Vanderbolt

US Marines
Marine Expeditionary Force for Perilous Trail! dinosaur hunting - 10mm
Marine Expeditionary Force

Feudal Contingents
Western European men-at-arms for Late Middle Ages - 28mm
Muster of Ruritania

Wild West
Town Posse, Pinkertons, Lawmen & Cheyenne in the Old American West - 28mm
Caspar Marshals

Camlann Lancers
BattleTech Mercenary Lance - 1/300
Lance Moving

EuroFed Marines
EuroFed Marine Platoon on Langeforsstad - 25mm
EuroFed Marines - Platoon ready for contact

Government Forces
Human Co-Prosperity Sphere Garrison Company on Novaya Sakha - 25mm
Reinforced Platoon

Government Vehicles
Human Co-Prosperity Sphere Motor Pool on Novaya Sakha - 25mm
Column Parked

Rebel Forces
Sakhan Liberation Army on Novaya Sakha - 25mm
Rebel Platoon

Sakhan Mercenaries on Novaya Sakha - 25mm
Sakhan Light Infantry

Corporate Security
Heymans-Yamada Security Force on Novaya Sakha - 25mm
LandMate Element Hold Doorway

SAS Troop
British Special Forces for Cold War / Falklands - 20mm
Troop advances

Russian Platoon
Russian Rifle Platoon for Cold War / Afghanistan - 20mm

Russian Paratroopers
VDV Platoon

British Army
British Army in Afghanistan - 20mm
2nd Fire team, 2nd Section

Taliban in Afghanistan - 20mm
1st Group

US Army
US Army in Afghanistan / Iraq - 20mm
Platoon Command

US Army
US Army in Vietnam - 20mm
American Platoon


  1. Excellent job.
    Brother Carl

  2. I do very much like your collection. Especially the Modern US GIs in Iraq scene.
    If you like, check out my Modern military warfare collectibles and model kits if you are into such stuff and connect to my blog (:

    Great job with the the Mechs from Battletech too ;)

    Awesome blog!


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