24 May, 2013

Lead Painters' League continues

Apologies for the prolonged hiatus, it's been a busy few weeks at work and at home (including an outbreak of Chicken Pox!).

Season 7 of the Lead Painters' League continues with Round 6. An especially wide variety of subjects this time I feel (though I inadvertently seem to have picked out a seam of Dark Ages entries!). As before I'm not picking out my favourite pieces, but I'm hoping to highlight a few match-ups which are (or ought to be) very close.

Chindit Support Weapons vs. Darkenwald Scouts

Here We Make Our Stand vs. Dystopian Legions Britanian Infantry

Named Men vs. Citizens, We Must Feed the Revolution 

Head on over to vote for your favourites!.
I had been preparing a summary post showing highlights of Salute from other people's blogs (like this one from 2011); if anyone really wants to see it, let me know...

07 May, 2013

Blue Squadron

So, I've kicked off my main project for the year: Raid on the Diomedes

A single multi-purpose fighter
Along with the main pilot's wingman
Two pairs of the fighters will provide protection for the Diomedes
In case you're wondering they're from Brigade Games' Squadron Commander Range (these are the EuroFed line). So, I'll start doing the attacking craft soon (in red!)

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