31 December, 2014

So Long, 2014

More like 'good riddance!' from a wargaming/blogging perspective. I haven't played or posted much at all. But here's a quick rundown of some highlights...

Gaming Highlights

Rogue Spear (Force on Force)
Ran a short campaign inspired by Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six novels at Leprecon. Smaller Force on Force games seem to be my favourite nowadays, as exemplified by the Classified book. There may be more from me next year along these lines...

Caen Campaign (Memoir '44)
I played in one of the campaign book's campaigns over a short day. Marvellous company and access to Mr. Kinch's drinks cellar makes this one a hit regardless (though the game was also great fun).

Black Sun (Pulp)
I haven't even gotten around to posting my reports on this from Gaelcon yet! But suffice to say this went down a hit. I even ran this entombed scenario three times on the Sunday for different groups of people.


This 6mm Bretonnians project is breath-taking. I love seeing these guys in action...

While still spending effort on Medieval Scandinavian matters, it's great to see something else here

Table Terror
This Scooby Gang (especially the Mystery Machine) caught my eye. Even more than Michi's usual fare!


Victory Point
Gives some valuable perspective on the events shown/written about in Lone Survivor.

Losing Small Wars
If the recent withdrawal of British forces from Afghanistan gave you pause, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

A Genius for War
Perhaps overstated at times, but this is a fascinating study of how the Prussian/German army staff was set up to succeed in wars, regardless of political leadership.


SOC-R Spec Ops Boat - S&S Models
These are going to get into some action in 2015 I hope. Some more 'classified' trouble ahead!

Hell Diver VTOL riders - Clear Horizon Miniatures
I just love the concept for these miniatures. While obviously not useful in every scenario, these figures are great colour for your sci-fi VTOLs

Battlegroup Barbarossa - Ironfist Publishing
Going back in time from Kursk and Fall of the Reich for a third look at the armies of Germany and the Soviet Union must've been no easy task. However the guys produce another game feeling significantly different from those which have gone before.


The Blacklist
This is a cheese and ham platform for James Spader - perhaps the only thing salvaging the overblown plotting. But it's simply fantastic

Gravity Falls
Imagine that Twin Peaks had been made for kids, no need. Watch Gravity Falls instead.

True Detective
The writing and direction (all done by the same people across every episode) mean that this is one of the most evenly produced shows I've every seen. Added to the surprisingly strong performances from both leads (Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson ), I recommend without reservation.

I've been spending a lot more time playing boardgames than previously, so maybe that's taking up time and energy previously spend blogging and wargaming. Perhaps I could try posting some of that...

Anyway, hope you had a great 2014, and here's to an even better 2015!

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