25 August, 2010

Motor Pool

Vehicles for the garrison company of the Human Co-Prosperity Sphere on Novaya Sakha.

Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle
ZBD-39 (Mechanised Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

Armoured Personnel Carrier
ZSL-12 (Armoured Personnel Carrier)

Light Tank
ZFB-35 (Light Tank)

Main Battle Tank
ZBR-18 (Main Battle Tank)

Z-22 (Utility VTOL)

Armour Column
Armour Column

Column Parked
Column parks and troops disembark

VTOL's Chain Gun
VTOL swings its chain gun into action (is fully rotatable, thanks to rare-earth magnets)

I also had some stowage and some generic crewmen/mechanics I had in mind, but I'll get around to them next month...the core items are done for the task.

First time I've done vehicles at this scale in a very long time, so fairly pleased with them. I'll probably add some decals as well if I can get something suitable generic and low-visibility

21 August, 2010

Russian Platoon ready for action

While The Guild's Big Game takes place, I'll have to content myself with this...

This Russian rifle platoon can perform duty in a Cold War what-if scenario versus my SAS forces as well, but I expect these will see duty in 1980s Afghanistan.

The 1st squad includes a light machine gun and a sharpshooter
1st Squad

The 2nd Squad is identical
2nd Squad

The Machine Gun Team
Machine Gun Team

An RPG team
RPG Team

A Sniper Team
Sniper Team

The Entire Platoon

These are from Combat Miniatures Panshir Range

16 August, 2010

Cry Havoc!

More dogs of war descend upon the troubled Kingdom of Ruritania.

Sigismund, the famous Baron of Visegrad
Sigismund of Visegrad

He leads a powerful conroi of other knights
Conroi of Knights

Meanwhile the Arlecchino, a fearsome assassin from Venice stalks the land
The Arlecchino

Lorenzo, the Signore of Pirano leads his men
Signore of Pirano

Goran, the Friar of Trieste has joined forces with the Pirano nobleman
Friar of Trieste

A lone man-at-arms guards the camp
Guarding the Camp

Meanwhile, the Elizabethan Adventurers won the poll by a significant margin: 9 votes to the Highwayman's 4 (Those poor unloved Medieval Pilrgrims got none at all). Time to shop around...

13 August, 2010

It's all about the Hats!

We have been known to take the issue of hats at games seriously. Conrad Kinch has a rather splendid collection which has given gallant service at various conventions over the years.

Though the full-dress uniform of the École Polytechnique of France puts us to shame with its marvellous bicorne - Why was I not informed of this when making my university choice! (Mr. Kinch may scoff at the French from time to time, but even he may be moved to open admiration...)

But for the edification of voters (prompted by Mr. Kinch's comment). Here are some sample pictures (taken from the vendor websites) of the miniatures most likely to be used in the projects:

Elizabethan Adventurers (from Foundry)

Pilgrims (from Perry Miniatures)

Highwayman (from Outpost)

Voting booth closes late Sunday night...

11 August, 2010


"O illiterate loiterer!"
Taken from: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

While I procrastinate over my next project...

You may have noticed a few weeks back in my 100+ post blogging retrospective that I am considering a new small project for the William Atkinson Memorial Build over on The Guild. The theme is simple but broad - "England" - but I don't want to do something that just slots into one of my existing collections.

I was thinking a small selection of miniatures and maybe a scenario/game to go with them...

-Medieval Pilgrims (defending themselves against an unjust toll)
-Elizabethan Adventurers (a bar brawl over some Shakespearean insult)
-Highwayman & Victims (well, a highway robbery obviously!)

There's a poll on the right to see if people have any preferences, but again comments would be welcome with the pros and cons. The Elizabethan option is in the lead (hence the Shakespearean Insult)

04 August, 2010

Town and Country

Some additions to the Afghan collection, mostly colour, but very useful for scenarios.

An EOD Robot (Northrup Grumman Mk.8 'Wheelbarrow' ) advances towards a suspect crashed car
EOD Robot

Dog Handler and Mine Detector sweep the terrain nearby
Dog Handler and Mine Detector

EOD officer in suit briefed by colleague, with robot control team set up against wall
EOD Briefing

Busy checkpoint manned by contractors
Busy Checkpoint

Private Military Contractors
PMC Team

Motorbike with heavily armed men looks for detour

Legendary jingle truck
Jingle Truck

Civilian biker (or is it a Dicker?)
Civilian Biker

Locals having a chat
Civilians having a Chat

Civilian group heading to market
Civilian Group

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