13 August, 2010

It's all about the Hats!

We have been known to take the issue of hats at games seriously. Conrad Kinch has a rather splendid collection which has given gallant service at various conventions over the years.

Though the full-dress uniform of the École Polytechnique of France puts us to shame with its marvellous bicorne - Why was I not informed of this when making my university choice! (Mr. Kinch may scoff at the French from time to time, but even he may be moved to open admiration...)

But for the edification of voters (prompted by Mr. Kinch's comment). Here are some sample pictures (taken from the vendor websites) of the miniatures most likely to be used in the projects:

Elizabethan Adventurers (from Foundry)

Pilgrims (from Perry Miniatures)

Highwayman (from Outpost)

Voting booth closes late Sunday night...


  1. I voted for adventurers - hat's be damned

    They looked so Errol Flynn-like that they have to be fun to paint.

  2. That's the spirit!
    I never did hear Errol Flynn complain about the lack of a hat - and no one could suggest he didn't have style


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