16 August, 2010

Cry Havoc!

More dogs of war descend upon the troubled Kingdom of Ruritania.

Sigismund, the famous Baron of Visegrad
Sigismund of Visegrad

He leads a powerful conroi of other knights
Conroi of Knights

Meanwhile the Arlecchino, a fearsome assassin from Venice stalks the land
The Arlecchino

Lorenzo, the Signore of Pirano leads his men
Signore of Pirano

Goran, the Friar of Trieste has joined forces with the Pirano nobleman
Friar of Trieste

A lone man-at-arms guards the camp
Guarding the Camp

Meanwhile, the Elizabethan Adventurers won the poll by a significant margin: 9 votes to the Highwayman's 4 (Those poor unloved Medieval Pilrgrims got none at all). Time to shop around...


  1. wow. Those are some beautiful miniatures!

  2. I succumbed to ebay for those knights - they were just too gorgeous to resist! However that does mean that any squires they acquire will not be in matching livery...


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