25 August, 2010

Motor Pool

Vehicles for the garrison company of the Human Co-Prosperity Sphere on Novaya Sakha.

Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle
ZBD-39 (Mechanised Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

Armoured Personnel Carrier
ZSL-12 (Armoured Personnel Carrier)

Light Tank
ZFB-35 (Light Tank)

Main Battle Tank
ZBR-18 (Main Battle Tank)

Z-22 (Utility VTOL)

Armour Column
Armour Column

Column Parked
Column parks and troops disembark

VTOL's Chain Gun
VTOL swings its chain gun into action (is fully rotatable, thanks to rare-earth magnets)

I also had some stowage and some generic crewmen/mechanics I had in mind, but I'll get around to them next month...the core items are done for the task.

First time I've done vehicles at this scale in a very long time, so fairly pleased with them. I'll probably add some decals as well if I can get something suitable generic and low-visibility


  1. Those are some cool looking vehicles!

  2. They're from GZG's (sadly discontinued) 25mm Vehicle range (though Eureka still produce them)


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