11 August, 2010


"O illiterate loiterer!"
Taken from: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

While I procrastinate over my next project...

You may have noticed a few weeks back in my 100+ post blogging retrospective that I am considering a new small project for the William Atkinson Memorial Build over on The Guild. The theme is simple but broad - "England" - but I don't want to do something that just slots into one of my existing collections.

I was thinking a small selection of miniatures and maybe a scenario/game to go with them...

-Medieval Pilgrims (defending themselves against an unjust toll)
-Elizabethan Adventurers (a bar brawl over some Shakespearean insult)
-Highwayman & Victims (well, a highway robbery obviously!)

There's a poll on the right to see if people have any preferences, but again comments would be welcome with the pros and cons. The Elizabethan option is in the lead (hence the Shakespearean Insult)


  1. Highwayman and victims has by far the best hats. I feel this is a critical concern.

  2. You may be right about that...post to follow


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